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Eric McDavid - How to Help and Site Update

Eric still needs money on his commissary account, and the site has some interesting new updates....
Dear friends,

It has been 3 weeks since Eric arrived at Victorville and he's still acclimating to his new surroundings. He says he's about 2 weeks behind on letters, so if you haven't heard back from him please just be aware that it might take a little while for him to catch up. Please keep the letters coming (visit the "How to Help" section at www.supporteric.org for information on how to write Eric)!

Right now the most important thing you can do to help Eric is make sure he has money in his commissary account for stamps, phone calls, food and other essentials. All of these things help to keep him connected to his loved ones, as well as to provide him with the healthiest vegan diet possible while in prison. You can use either Western Union or money order. Western Union is quicker, but has fees associated with it. For instructions on how to put money on Eric's commissary account visit this link at the Federal Bureau of Prisons Website:


You will need Eric's name and registration number (16209-097).

Also, we recently updated the website - you should check it out ( http://supporteric.org/updates.htm). We posted a link to a recent interview with Mark (Eric's lawyer), which has a detailed description of Eric's case and trial. We also posted a link to a PDF copy of the article about "Anna" that was recently run in Elle magazine, as well as a PDF of the transcript of her cross-examination by Mark during trial.

Eric sends his love and thanks to you all...


homepage: homepage: http://www.supporteric.org