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A 'Thank You' to a Great President

Thanking President Chavez
A 'Thank You' to a Great President

Dear President Chavez,

I am writing today to express my sincere gratitude to you for all that you have done during past winters. Your generous contribution of heating oil - some free and some discounted - to the people of the United States is appreciated more than you will ever know.

Here, in the northern part of our country winter temperatures often fall well below zero. Many citizens have suffered not only discomfort, but also health problems related to the inadequate heating of their homes. Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has received testimony that some of his constituents have had to chop up their furniture to use for fuel - that was during last winter. Worse is predicted for next winter.

During the recent Congressional Hearings on the cost of heating oil, testimony was given stating that people will freeze to death in New England during the upcoming winter heating season. Testimony also was given to explain the cause of the rapid increase in the cost of oil. Several expert witnesses testified that a large portion - maybe 70% - of the increase was due to Commodity Futures Speculators.

Some might suggest that the logical solution to the problem would be to arrest the Speculators, nationalize the oil companies, increase auto efficiency to 50MPG, and move toward wind, solar and tidal energy sources. None of those efforts will be timely enough to save the lives that will be in jeopardy this winter. The time has come for a hero to emerge. President Chavez, that is you. Only you can save us from the policies that have led the United States to this long, dark winter.

That other president, the one we have in our country, probably has access to more money than you have. Unfortunately, his priorities are not as humanitarian as yours. He has gotten himself, and us too, entangled in a rather gruesome situation in Iraq. Maybe you have read about it in your press. It looks like we will be spending all of our money for generations to come on weapons. That brings up another problem. Many in the United States cannot afford health care. If it is not too much trouble, next time you are talking to your friend, Fidel, please tell him we need doctors over here. Also, the need for dentists is so critical that my best friend relocated from the United States to Costa Rica because she had a toothache.

In appreciation of your generosity during previous winters, I have been passing the word to everyone I know. I have been asking them to buy only Citgo gasoline.

Please say, "Hello", to the wife and family for me. Oh, I almost forgot to say that I admire the people of Venezuela who were smart enough to vote for you. Maybe some of them would be willing to come up here and help us run an election in November. Right now it looks like we need a lot of help.

Rosemarie Jackowski  dissent@sover.net

Rosemarie Jackowski is an advocacy journalist living in Vermont. She was arrested, tried, and sentenced for her participation in a peaceful protest of the war. She appealed her conviction to the State Supreme Court. The conviction was over-turned. Then the government announced plans to retire her. After years of legal proceedings, all charges were dismissed.