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Change 3rd congress person

An alternative democrat for congress.
End the green death machine
End the green death machine
End the green death machine
End the green death machine
We got to purge the democratic party of the global facist. Here is a start. In the couve we got a lot of work. We need to end the standing army in vancouver, in washington and for that matter the rest of the world.

I believe that peace and prosperity are our birthright as citizens of the United States of America and as citizens of the world. Our task is to live sustainably, in harmony with the Earth, and in friendship with other nations.

- Cheryl Crist


A Goal 06.Jul.2008 08:43


A goal is to get Crist enough votes that she will be in the top 2 primary for the 3rd District Congress in WA state. The primary is in August, so we have a lot of work to get her name out there. WA state now will take the top 2 vote-getters, regardless of party. There are several Repugs who have filed. Because of name familiarity, incumbent Baird will likely thrive because people don't think. He must be dumped as he has blood on his hands.

We are doing visibility for Crist three times a week, at the Fourth celebration and Saturday Market. Crist is our peace candidate who would never vote for FISA immunity like Baird did.

Onward with Crist.

Support Crist 07.Jul.2008 17:13


Cheryl Crist has an excellent chance of winning if people vote in the August 19th primary. the ballots will come in the mail.
Even if you will be voting for a third pary presidential candidate in November, get behind Crist. It will send a much needed message that the majority of people want us to get out of Iraq now and to puruse a path of peace, a majority wants Congress to uphold its oath of office and restore the Constitution. We want elected officials who listen to the people and faithfully represents their interests over corporate interests.
The 3rd district is huge so do what you can to let people know they have a real alternative --tell everyone you know, write letters to the editor, stand on corners with signs, whatever it takes.
Vote for Crist--the change will do us good.