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The weather tonight will be -- poisonous

The fourth. That's tonight. When all red-blooded 'mericans burn chinese fireworks for the delight of the children.

The fact that the delight is toxic is ignored. The fact that fireworks are both obnoxious and noxious is ignored.
Don't worry about a thing. All our windows are shut. We will stay home, cloistered and safe. We close the windows to keep out the stink. Don't worry, it happens every year about this time. We'll get over it, like we always do.

But every year I pray for a downpour, a deluge to deter the firework vandals and it never comes. Tonight is only warm, not hot. With the windows closed it will soon become stifling. Oh well, we'll stay indoors where it is safer, and much more comfortable.

But more than that. It's about the fourth. It's not about celebration of independence or freedom or anything grandiose like that. It's all about noise and glitter and smoke and glory. The glory of war. The shores of Tripoli and the halls of Moctezuma.

But it's 8 o'clock. I better get up and get to closing. Those young vandals are already starting to make their noise.

Happy birthday USA 05.Jul.2008 00:44


It does indeed put a lot of smoke in the air. To me Independance day is the celebration of the birth of the country, and fireworks are just an old tradition. I watched the show from up on mt tabor, which is a good place to avoid the crazy drunks and massive crowds, many people had the same idea.

I see fireworks as fireworks, and not some sinister advertisement for war. they do tend to keep the fire dept. and hospitals a little busy one night a year.

My personal view of independance day is that we should be reminded of the ideals this country was founded on and encouraged to return to those ideals from the starbucks sipping suv driving wal mart shopping war profiteering sick society we have sunk into.

hope I can get a picture to attach- sorry it will probably be sideways

There oughta be a law!! 05.Jul.2008 17:24


I recently moved into a neighborhood where it seemed like every intersection of city streets were the sites where fathers would show their families how to be patriotic on July 4, by polluting the air, risking neighbors' houses and propertie, and littering the streets with fireworks ash and other refuse.

WHAT A FARCE!! Fireworks should not endanger neighborhoods, and their use should be controlled in some manner to achieve that end. What about relegating the private use of fireworks to certain school fields (provided they would allow it, maybe for a fee), as a way to reduce the danger of starting fires by the dropping embers, and to limit exposure of innocent pedestrians to potential accidents.

The air last night was indeed toxic, and I appreciate the heads-up about that...shouldn't have been watering with all that crap in the air!! This should not be allowed to continue, and I will inquire of City Council what avenues can be pursued.