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Lots of news from Cascadia Rising Tide and the Climate Convergence

Lots going on for Rising Tide and the Convergence for Climate Action! We'll try to be brief!
The Convergence for Climate Action, July 28-Aug4, pre-events NOW!
The Convergence for Climate Action, July 28-Aug4, pre-events NOW!
#1 This Sunday at 6pm we're having a planning meeting for a NO/LOW RISK ACTION next week. We need a few more people! Please contact brian--AT--risingtidenorthamerica--DOT--org if you are interested for more details.

#2 Have you saying you're going to get involved with the climate convergence but haven't quite done it yet? We're now less than 1 month from the climate convergence which means there's a lot to do and now is a !GREAT! time to get involved. Please contact westcoast--AT--climateconvergence--DOT--org ASAP if you can help! Haven't made plans to come to the convergence this July 28 - Aug 4? Mark your calendar NOW and check out www.climateconvergence.org for all the details.

#3 We've got a **MAJOR EVENT** coming up NEXT FRIDAY in Portland on Friday July 11th! UNPLUG THE FOSSIL FUEL INDUSTRY - PLUG-IN TO THE CONVERGENCE FOR CLIMATE ACTION. Please be there if you want to help make the Climate Convergence a reality. The "plug-in" meetup is at 7pm at the Watershed Warehouse (5040 SE Milwaukie Ave).

#4 Immediately following the meeting mentioned above, survivors of all persuasions are called upon to celebrate at THE POST APOCALYPSE PROM. It's a party and benefit for the Convergence for Climate Action - it starts at 9pm on Friday July 11 @ THE WATERSHED (5040 SE Milwaukie Ave in SE Portland). Come stag or scrounge under the debris for a date and bring them and your tattered cumber-bun to THE WATERSHED. We will have DJ Yoloyuba and others busting out the tunes. Invite your friends along, even the wall flowers. Just make sure you find, reuse and make your perfect post apocalypse prom gear. If you are need of inspiration think Atomic Cafe, Mad Max, Found Object Flair or Cataclysmic Chic. Use what you have even if it's just caution tape and what's left of your grandmother's heels. We will crown the king and queen at 11:11 and dance our dust off till late into the night. We encourage bikes, walking or buses # 70, #19.

Hope to see all of you this week!

West Coast Convergence for Climate Action!
July 28 - August 4th in Coburg, Oregon.

Rising Tide North America
Confronting the root causes of climate change

homepage: homepage: http://www.climateconvergence.org