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The Worst Cop I have ever met - PPB Ofc Reisten #31663

So, I am riding my bicycle home from work on the afternoon of June 30th, 2008 through Waterfront Park when I hear the tell tale signals that the pedestrian path on the lower Steel Bridge is raising. Instead of sitting in the sun waiting for the barge to pass I stop short of the bridge to stand under the shade of a tree. This is when I notice about 50 feet away two uniformed officers talking to an black couple laying down in the park. I look to see what is going on as it is very strange how the officers are treating them and this is when I identified Ofc Reisten from the Joe Anybodyś video in May.
You really should watch this video on YouTube to better know this fine example of a Portland Police Officer:


Now back to my experience:

As the bridge is lowering to allow pedestrian and cycling traffic across Ofc Reisten approaches me and asks what I am doing. I inform him that I am waiting for the bridge to lower. He then glances at the bridge and tells me that it is lowered followed by a suggestion that I move along. At this point I inform Ofc Reisten that I am happy where I am at. He tries to talk to me and I ask him if ¨I am being detained or am I free to go¨. He says that I am free to go and suggest that I leave again. It is at that point I inform Ofc Reisten that he is being intimidating and scaring me. I ask him to leave me alone since I am not breaking any law.

He peruses to question me as I politely decline to answer if I am currently employed. I further inform him that I do not have to legally answer that question and their are only 3 questions that I have to answer him. At that point he pulls out his notebook in a vindictive manor and asks me for my Full Name, Date of Birth and Address. I answer his questions truthfully and reaffirm them as he repeatedly asked me them through our encounter. He turns away to call in my information for verification.

Upon his return he asks if I have an Oregon drivers license or Oregon Identification Card. I do not have Oregon issued ID, thus I answer him with a simple ¨No¨. He then tells me that this tells him one of two things: ¨I am fresh off the bus¨ or not being truthful. Then to my amazement he ask I am dealing drugs and if I would mind him searching my bag and bike. I laugh as I tell him ¨No I am not dealing drugs and that it would not consent to his search¨. Me assertion of my rights seams to frustrate him and emboldens him to harass me more.

He asks me more questions in which I ask if I have to legally answer. In which he does not reply with a ¨Yes¨ or ¨No¨ answer. At that point his partner comes over and asks what is going on? Ofc Reisten uses the fact that I told him that I was going to cross the bridge and decided not cross (because he was harassing me) as probable cause for him to verify my identity and employ various tactics validate his unfounded claim that I am holding drugs.

Ofc Reisten then asks how many times I have been arrested. I ask him if that is a question he can legally ask followed with the truthful answer of none. He then ask me for my Social Security Number, at this point I am very scared and give it to him. I further inform him that the way he is abusing his power I feel he is the type of officer who would fabricate a myriad of excuses to ticket or arrest me and I not going to move. He again asks if I am holding any drugs. I tell him that I do not understand the question and ask him to rephrase it.

He then informs his partner that I do not have a drivers license and am not in the system. I correct Ocf Reisten that I in fact do have a drivers license and he asked if I had an Oregon drivers license or Oregon ID card. I further inform him that it is a Colorado drivers license and it is in my back pocket if he would like to see it. I tell him that I am reaching into my back pocket to produce my license to him. I give him my license and he walks abut 10 feet away to talk on his radio.

At this point two Portland Police bicycle officers ride up. Ofc Reisten returns and gives me my drivers license back and informs me that I am free to go. At that point I ask him for his card. Ofc Reisten hands me a card from his shirt pocket, as I go to take the card he does not let go of it and pulls it back under the guise to add more information. He then smugly presents the card a second time to me, as I take the card he does not let go of the card and takes it back and places it in his pocket. He then produces another card from his pants pocket and writes his name and employee number on it and presents to me. As I take hold of it he does not let go of the card so I have to use an unusual amount of force to take it from him. The other uniformed officer asks it I would like his card in which I politely declined.

Ofc Reisten continues to chastises me in front of the other officers in an intimidating manor expecting me to leave. I ask Ofc Reisten if I am breaking the law. He says no and walks away. Shortly after one of the bicycle officers approached me and asks me about my bicycle in a friendly manor. We talk about it and he ask me if I am staying to spite Ofc Reisten. I tell the officer how I feel intimidated with the 4 of them surrounding me and that this is clearly a power struggle that Ofc Reisten is engaged in. The bike Officer tells me that if ¨I vote I have power¨. At that point look at him and sincerely commend him on his communication skills while informing that in this situation ¨I have no power¨ as I glance down at his gun.

After about 10 min the bicycle officers ride off and Ofc Reisten and his partner leave. After about 20 min I call Central prescient and leave a voice message with his Sergent requesting a meeting to clarify what just transpired.

So here is the deal. I was scared and shaking. Ofc Reisten was treating me as if I was doing some thing wrong by being an educated and present citizen. His use of intimidation was unacceptable and language was misleading. Repeatedly he phrased his questions in a way that were confusing and attempting to create a situation to abuse his power even more. I am also disappointed in the other 3 officers watching this for not pulling him aside and defusing the situation.

Some cops ask about your job 01.Jul.2008 23:52

Joe Rowe

Many cops are great.

Some cops are just plain bad or don't care.

Try talking or getting a meeting with the officer again
Consider filing a complaint ( or compliment )

Officer Troy Sawtelle #46621 asked me about my job. Why? From 4 feet away I was the witness to a 90 second assault and extreme beating. I had asked that a report be filed because the extremely large and beer smelling perpetrator was making homophobic remarks prior to and during the beating. The two officers refused to file a report because the victim fled. The victim was latino and may have been undocumented. When I made many polite requests to file a report under hate crimes they started questioning me. Their questions halted when I mentioned the IPR. I decided to work with a community member who knew a few officers and avoid the IPR.

We've got to work with the cops, city and IPR or something to make things better. Cops just can't keep intimidating people by asking us for ID and about our job status. Why don't they just say they feel unsafe or threatened. Most humans will back off or explain why they felt the need to be a witness.

Let's face it, the economy is crashing and food is doubling. The cops are going to have a lot more work and need a lot more community help and cooperation. It is just too costly for them to act with this abuse of power.

PS: There is no stop and identify law in Oregon. Only 21 states have a law like that.

Keep us informed on this posting. Joe

i know him 02.Jul.2008 07:41


i know the prick cop. i watched him arrest this guy at the starlite parade for throwing a pack of ciggs on the ground, he even told us that too

Social Security number 02.Jul.2008 09:12


You never ever have to give your social security number to a cop. It says right on your card that it is not a form of identification and may not be abused as such. When social security numbers were issued a lot of people thought they were the mark of the devil so they refused to get one. The only way that most people relented and got one was when the government reassured everyone that they would not be used as identification, therefor no longer qualifying as the mark of the beast.
Think about how that number works. What would a cop need it for?

Card the Reister gave me 02.Jul.2008 10:17

a good citizen

A friend of mine informed me that the officer's name is Dane J. Reister #31663 of the Portland Police Bureau.

I provided the name I could best read off the card he gave me. Please note all of the writing on the card is his.
Card that Officer Reister gave me
Card that Officer Reister gave me

heard about the demo? 02.Jul.2008 10:21

PCAP PDXCAP@gmail.com

You should come out to Hands Off the Poor, a demonstration calling for an immediate end to police harassment. It's at 5pm on Wednesday the 9th, and the meetup spot is in the North Park blocks by the elephant. It'd be a good chance to network with other folks who've experienced this sort of thing.

You should file a complaint. 02.Jul.2008 12:15

Defense Atty

By asking for your ID and then conducting a warrant check, the officer detained you. To do so, Article I, section 9, of the Oregon Constitution required him to have reasonable suspicion that you were a criminal. He did not have that suspicion. he violated your constitutional rights.

File a police complaint. You can do that online or get a form from City Hall.

Check out the recent Court of appeals case, State v. Rider:

"We first address whether Anderson stopped defendant before obtaining his consent for the search. Under Article I, section 9, of the Oregon Constitution, a stop occurs when (a) "a law enforcement officer intentionally and significantly restricts, interferes with, or otherwise deprives an individual of that individual's liberty or freedom of movement; or (b) whenever an individual believes that (a), above, has occurred and such belief is objectively reasonable in the circumstances." State v. Holmes, 311 Or 400, 409-10, 813 P2d 28 (1991). Both this court and the Supreme Court have repeatedly held that, when an officer retains a person's identification for investigatory purposes during questioning, the person is restrained from leaving. See, e.g., State v. Hall, 339 Or 7, 19, 115 P3d 908 (2005) ("When [the officer] took defendant's identification card and radioed the police dispatch for a warrant check, * * * the consensual nature of that encounter dissipated, and the encounter evolved from a 'mere conversation' encounter into a restraint upon defendant's liberty of movement."); State v. Harper, 197 Or App 221, 235, 105 P3d 883 (2005) ("[A]n officer's retention of a person's identification for investigatory purposes during questioning restrains the person from leaving and, therefore, constitutes a stop.").

In this case, as the state points out, Anderson did not ask for, let alone retain, any physical form of identification. That fact, however, is not dispositive. The Supreme Court explained in Hall that retention of identification is not necessary to effect a stop if the person is aware that the officer is investigating whether the person is the subject of any outstanding arrest warrants. 339 Or at 19. In that case, a police officer had taken the defendant's identification card, called for a warrant check on his radio, and then immediately returned the card. While the officer was waiting for the results of the warrant check, he asked for the defendant's consent to search him. The court found it "difficult to posit that a reasonable person would think that he or she was free to leave at a time when that person is the investigatory subject of a pending warrant check." Id."

Good luck.

Name check for the record 03.Jul.2008 01:12


Is this the correct name?

Ofcr. Reister, Dane J.

#31663 central precinct 2-1-96

(beat youths during new years eve 2001 which started a riot)

(busted for shooting rubber bullet into crowd of anti bush protesters)


Update 03.Jul.2008 09:58

a good citizen

A friend of mine pointed out that the cops name is Dane Reister (31663) of the assigned to the Central Prescient of the Portland Police Bureau. I got his name wrong because he did not spell it correctly or legibly on the card he finally gave me.

Thanks for your addition Joe,

I have yet to get a return call from Sergent Engen 3 days after I left a request for him to set up a meeting to discuss this with him.