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The Role of Homeland Security in the May 30 Arrest of anti-Pesticide Demonstrators

The Role of Homeland Security in My Arrest with Reaction to Verifiably False Statements Made by Two of Their Agents in the Police Report on the Taser Incident
Only yesterday did I - one of the three arrestees from the May 30th Taser Incident - finally get to read the police reports on the incident. I have to admit, if I had not been there and witnessed things with my own eyes, the police reports would seem very compelling. However, because I was there, I notice clear falsehoods, misleading statements, and plenty of probably honest mistakes in the reports. In this letter I will address several key falsehoods/mistakes. I will begin with the biggest shocker: THE KEY ROLE PLAYED BY HOMELAND SECURITY in not only my arrest, but in instigating the entire ugly affair. I will point out several verifiable falsehoods in their reports.

One day after the May 30th event I mailed out a media release that told a very different account than the police media release that formed the basis of the initial media stories. My version was in harmony with two dozen other witness reports. Toward the end of my release I reported that Homeland Security had not only been present but seemed to play a lead role. Then, at the June 16 meeting of the Police Civilian Review Board - the meeting where they voted 5 to 0 to designate this a Community Impact Case - three of the witnesses who testified specifically addressed the issue of Homeland Security's apparent lead role in the incident, a role that included instigating the initial police intervention. One of those witnesses (not me) asked that the Police Civilian Review Board investigate the role of Homeland Security in this incident. What were federal agents doing at this rally?

Thus far not one media account has mentioned the term 'Homeland Security' in relation to the May 30th event. I understand why! It would seem a bit 'conspiracy-theory-like' to say the least. BUT NOW WE HAVE THE POLICE REPORTS! Included in the police reports and arrest records now in my possession are two reports by Homeland Security agents. And in those reports they acknowledge that they were staking the event out in an unmarked car, and that it was Homeland Security that called the Eugene Police and suggested that they intervene, specifically naming Ian Van Ornum, the eighteen year old organizer of the event, as having stepped into the road and blocked traffic and having a bottle of unknown contents. At the time they made that call, by strange coincidence, the last of the media had just left the scene. One folksinger was going to sing two songs and the event would have been over without controversy. JUS THINK: No Taser scandal, no arrests, no controversy... if Homeland Security had not been staking the event out and made a call to Eugene police suggesting that they grab Ian.

Worse yet, the Homeland Security reports on the incident include verifiable falsehoods. Those falsehoods cast doubt even on the truthfulness of what they claim to have seen Ian do. Their reports also make clear the reason these federal agents were staking out an event that was not linked to a federal building and that should have been strictly the jurisdiction of Eugene Police.

My attorney, Lauren Regan, executive director of Civil Liberties Defense Center, believes, and told the Eugene Weekly in an article to appear Thursday, June 26, that Homeland Security illegally monitored the rally. She says, "It was obviously unconstitutional", citing COINTELPRO investigations that targeted dissident organizations and the resulting court decisions.

IMPORTANT: The police report by Homeland Security agent William Turner includes the interesting information that during this episode he was in radio contact with the "Denver MegaCenter". The 'Denver MegaCenter' is one of four Homeland Security Federal Protection Service centers that monitor and dispatch agents around the clock. So, not only was this police action in Eugene not first initiated by the Eugene Police, but the Homeland Security agent who called the Eugene Police in to grab Ian was in radio contact with Denver.

Imagine my shock, reading the reports by Homeland Security Federal Protective Service agents T.C. Keedy and William Turner, to learn that they identify my group, The Pitchfork Rebellion, as the organizers of the May 30 event (verifiably false) and that they also name us as the organizers of a rally on March 7 that included, in their words, an attempt to storm the Federal Courthouse (verifiably false) and that those facts constituted the reason that Homeland Security was staking out the May 30 rally. Here follows their specific quotes from the police reports; I will follow those quotations with proof of falsehood.

Homeland Security Agent T.C. Keedy writes: "The rally [May 30] was sponsored by 'The Pitchfork Rebellion', a protest group from Lane County which is against the spraying of herbicides and pesticides. On 3/7/2008, the Pitchfork Rebellion held another protest rally and marched through city streets. During that event, the protesters became disorderly and attempted to storm the u.s. courthouse located at 405 E 8th ave in Eugene (see report number D08001609) On 5/30/2008, I parked my unmarked government vehicle approximately one half-block from Kesey Square in order to monitor the protest, in case the group should again begin to march toward a Federal facility."

Verifiable falsehoods in the above official police report by Homeland Security agent T.C. Keedy are:

The May 30 rally was not organized or co-sponsored in any way by The Pitchfork Rebellion. Rather, I accepted - at the last minute - a guest speaking invitation. I was asked to speak on the topic: "Pesticides and the Environment". The May 30 rally was organized by a U of O student group concerned about forest issues and pesticides. This is verifiable in that they sent out media releases advertising their event and naming themselves as the organizers. Besides myself being a speaker, not one other member of The Pitchfork Rebellion was even present at the May 30 rally.
The assertion that The Pitchfork Rebellion was also the organizer of the rally on March 7 that included 'storming the federal courthouse' is verifiably false. That rally was organized by U of O students and originated at their campus. They marched to the Federal Courthouse where a legal, outdoor rally was held. I was an invited guest speaker - this time on the topic of: How Big Timber and Big Pesticide Influence the State and Federal Government Agencies that Oversee our Environment - but, other than accepting an invitation to speak (I am an accomplished public speaker and do lectures on various topics at diverse venues) I had no role in organizing the event and was the only member of The Pitchfork Rebellion in attendance at the rally. I DID NOT EVEN PARTICIPATE IN THE MARCH. I ARRIVED AFTER THE MARCH AT THE RALLY LOCATION TO DO MY TALK.

William Turner, Federal Protective Service, U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Agent Turner, in his official police report on the May 30th incident, writes:

"I was advised by EPD Officer Pat Willis that they had PC to arrest at least one of the subjects in the crowd. After several minutes I heard Sgt. Mike Gilbert tell Owen that he was under arrest. Sgt. Gilbert had a hold on Owen's right wrist. Owen was actively resisting by pulling away from Sgt. Gilbert with his body weight. I immediately grabbed Owen's left wrist, advised him he was under arrest and told him to stop resisting. Owen actively resisted me by twisting his wrist and pulling away. I continued to tell him to stop resisting as Sgt. Gilbert applied the handcuffs to Owen. I could see the crowd approaching us and yelling at us. Sgt. Gilbert and I escorted Owen to the back of a Patrol car. I asked Owen to separate his feet so I could conduct a search for weapons and implements of escape. He refused to reply, initially. I placed my right foot on the inside of his left foot in an attempt to control his movement. He began to yell at the crowd that we were hurting his knees. He then bent his knees and resisted by becoming dead weight. Neither Sgt. Gilbert or I were impacting or hurting his knees in any way. It was obvious he was lying in an attempt to further fuel the angry crowd. He eventually stood up and complied with our orders."

Verifiable falsehoods in the above official police report by Homeland Security agent T.C. Keedy are:

Homeland Security agent Keedy asserts that I resisted arrest at the outset of my arrest and then a second time after they walked me to the outside back of a squad car to pat me down. Videotape in my possession proves that I did not resist arrest at either point. Any member of the media that wants to meet with me to view the video may do so. Call me at: (541) 927-3017 Anyone who reads the above report detailing my body movements and then watches the innocent reality of the video will realize the clear falsehood and deliberate attempt to manufacture a resistance that never really occurred.

What is glaring in omission is any attempt to describe the actual circumstances of my arrest: the glaring fact that they arrested me just as I was beginning to give a television interview about the taser incident. A half hour after the taser incident, with only a handful of rally participants left at the scene, the first television crew showed up. The reporter (I believe she was from channel 9 but that can be easily established) asked if she could interview me about the taser incident. I said, "Yes". She instructed her camera man to set up in front of me. I then noticed the Homeland Security officer across the street point at me and whisper to a Eugene policeman. The Eugene policeman then hollered across the street to me these words: "Mr Owen, could you please come across the street, we would like to speak with you." I told the reporter I would be right back and crossed the street. The police officer who had asked me the question had backed up from the front of the sidewalk to a spot deeper back where I could not be seen by the reporter or crowd. As I approached him I asked, "Can we talk after my interview?" He replied, "You're not going to do that interview." (He did not say that I was under arrest.) Assuming he was insinuating that he was about to place me under arrest, I turned and took a step back to where I could be seen by the reporter (I had told her I would be right back) and hollered that they were arresting me and that it's so I can not do the interview. At that same moment the officers stepped toward me from behind and did in fact start placing me under arrest. The video shows I did not resist and that I have accurately described the above. The video also shows I did not resist at the back outside of the squad car during the pat down. Yes, I look excited - wouldn't you (anybody would if all this had just happened) - but the only words I hollered across the street were the above reported one's to the reporter - and instructions for my friend to make sure my car (parked at a pay meter!) did not get towed. As I was being walked to the squad car I also hollered to a friend to pick up my books and notes (associated with my rally speech) from the podium. But I did not physically do anything that could be reasonably called "resisting arrest".

My shout across the street to the news crew about why I was being arrested caused one of the police reports to address the issue in a ludicrous manner: once the news crew was there they (the ten or so police officers) could safely arrest me because I wouldn't want to attack them in front of the media! (If this did not really happen to me in Eugene's Kesey Square, I would swear it could only happen in Tiananmen Square!)

Homeland Security agent Keedy stated the following in the above excerpt from the police report; speaking in the first-person he states: "I placed my right foot on the inside of his [Owen] left foot in an attempt to control his movement. He began to yell at the crowd that we were hurting his knees. He then bent his knees and resisted by becoming dead weight. Neither Sgt. Gilbert or I were impacting or hurting his knees in any way. It was obvious he was lying in an attempt to further fuel the angry crowd. He eventually stood up and complied with our orders." The video of my arrest shows that I did not act inappropriately at the outside rear of the squad car during my pat-down (which is what agent Keedy is referring to). I very much object to the very inappropriate statement in what is supposed to be a police report of actual facts by agent Keedy that I was "obviously lying" about my knee pain when he used his foot to literally kick my foot wider than I could comfortably stand. While someone in my situation might be lying, would it not be reasonable that someone in my age bracket - 50 - who had a half-hour earlier been thrown to the ground by a police officer might truly have an injured knee? I hit the pavement hard! In what should be a professional police report free from statements like "he was obviously lying" we get obviously prejudicial language intended to discredit the arrestee. When, in his report on my pat down he describes finding a knife in my pocket, he does not see fit to use the far more descriptive term: tiny pocket knife (grandpa gave it to me as a kid). Since he can't actually say the knife was actually 'long', he plants that idea in the mind of the reader - like an expert propagandist - by saying that when he conducted the pat-down he felt something that felt like it could be a 'large knife'. Then he does not describe the actual tiny pocket knife it turned out to be. By not including the word 'pocket' in his report and by planting the word 'large' in the readers mind, he craftily creates an impression of something that was not true. His entire report reads that way, has that flavor, and thus should have little credibility amongst the fair-minded. Especially the highly educated fair-minded readers who are fully aware of how language can be expertly manipulated to create false impressions.

I am willing to let reporters look at my personal doctor's report on my injuries - which includes documentation that my head had been injured - and will also share copies of the Jail Medical Department report that includes verification that I vomited (I vomited twice with blood) while in their medical observation room and was released so that I could seek medical attention.

3) In the last sentence of the above excerpt from Homeland Security agent Keedy we read: He eventually stood up and complied with our orders." He is speaking about the outside back of the squad car while they did the pat-down. The words just quoted - that I eventually stood up - would imply that I had not been standing up. As the video shows, I was standing the entire time and Keedy is referring to me 'straightening up'. As the video shows, they had previously directed me to bend my chest over and lean on the back of the squad car. I did that until they directed me to stand upright. I followed their commands perfectly, as shown on video. Again, reading these police reports, they are shockingly misleading in that they obfuscate the truth in such a consistent manner that it seems very deliberate.

Before leaving the topic of The Role of Homeland Security in My Arrest, the following statement by Eugene Police Officer M. Gilbert is worth noting, as it drives home the point that Homeland Security consistently provided false intelligence to the Eugene Police in regard to the role of Pitchfork Rebellion and myself in organizing this event.

Eugene Police Officer M. Gilbert writes in his police report:

"There were several people in the group that were angry about the initial police response and a couple made contact with me. One of those individuals was Owen, who Inspector Turner [William Turner of Homeland Security] had identified as one of the organizers of the protest. Owen told me his observations of the arrest of Van Ornum by Sgt. Solesbee and claimed to have seen officers throw him down for no reason. He claimed the officers started slamming Van Ornum's head into the ground. He [Owen] said that when he went to ask what the arrest was for he was thrown down and his head was slammed into the ground for no reason... . As I was busy monitoring the overall situation and Farley, I referred Owen to the Auditor's office."

Homeland Security has been for Several Months the Subject of an Investigation being Conducted by The Pitchfork Rebellion

While I do not claim to know with any certainty their motive for 'picking on the pitchforkers', I have a theory! They are aware that we have been investigating links between certain of their 'citizen executives' and private industry. As was mentioned in my Register Guard Guest Viewpoint of December 6, 2007, we have been conducting an investigation called The Pitchfork Inquiry Into the Influence of Big Business on State and Federal Agencies. We are now a year and a half into a planned three year investigation. Since we don't have financing, we do not hire investigators; rather, we use the internet and old-fashioned letters, phone calls, and simply research things like: a) Who are the appointees to head each agency (EPA, BLM, Board of Forestry, Department of the Interior, Fish and Wildlife, Department of Agriculture, etc. b) What private sector jobs did those appointees come from; etc AT ONE POINT WE STUMBLED ON SOMETHING INTERESTING ABOUT HOMELAND SECURITY AND DECIDED IT WARRANTED INVESTIGATION. We discovered that the Department of Homeland Security is itself divided into various 'departments' or 'divisions', one of which is devoted to protecting the economic security of American businesses. Each State branch of Homeland Security has a citizen appointee that heads that division. We wondered who they were and began investigating. We are still doing so.

When we began our investigation, the Oregon Department of Homeland Security webpage had an organizational chart that could be easily accessed. It has now mysteriously disappeared from their webpage. More mysteriously, the same thing is true for the other States that we were researching (we wanted to know who heads those divisions in each state); all the organizational charts that had been up suddenly disappeared. Our interest was, and remains, to discover if the sort of influence of multinational corporations that we found in other State and Federal government agencies also exists in Homeland Security. We are currently investigating what companies get the lucrative (often no-bid) contracts to do things for Homeland Security. Our research is in its infancy and will be published at the conclusion of our Inquiry into the Influence of Big Business on State and Federal Agencies.
(I am fully aware that Homeland Security may not at all be concerned about our investigation and our current negative treatment by them may well be coincidental.)

AS A SEPARATE DOCUMENT from this reaction to the Homeland Security role in my arrest, I AM CURRENTLY PREPARING

Sincerely, Day Owen, co-founder, The Pitchfork Rebellion.

P.S. The Pitchfork Rebellion embraces the Gandhian precepts of nonviolent struggle for social change. Nothing we have done, or plan to do, should warrant the scrutiny of Homeland Security.

media 02.Jul.2008 16:35



Big Brother
Why is Homeland Security watching Eugene's activists?
by Camilla Mortensen

Last month's Tasering of a UO student was more than just the Eugene Police Department (EPD) overreacting to a peaceful protest. It was the result of the monitoring of an anti-pesticide group based in Lane County by the Department of Homeland Security, according to recent documents concerning the incident.

Lauren Regan of the Civil Liberties Defense Center and Day Owen of the Pitchfork Rebellion, who was arrested at the rally, say that the reports contain many inaccuracies. Regan further alleges that Homeland Security illegally monitored the rally. It was "obviously unconstitutional," she says, citing COINTELPRO investigations that targeted dissident organizations.

According to the police reports, Federal Protective Services (FPS), a division of the Department of Homeland Security, was made aware of the rally in support of Lane County's no-roadside spray policy by the EPD on May 22. That is the day EW published an article on the planned rally, featuring a photo of Ian Van Ornum, one of the leaders of "Crazy People for Wild Places," the student group that organized the rally. Van Ornum was Tasered twice and arrested with Owen and UO student (and Eagle Scout) Tony Farley.

The reports show that Homeland Security thought the rally was organized by the Pitchfork Rebellion, a group of rural Lane County residents who want to put a stop to pesticide spraying by large corporations (see EW cover stories 3/16/06 and 2/28/08). "That's either a blatant lie or poor police work," says Owen, who spoke at the event but did not organize it. The Pitchfork Rebellion, he says, has never been involved in "property damage or anything like that."

The reports indicate that Homeland Security has been monitoring the Pitchfork Rebellion, claiming the group had also organized an anti-Western Oregon Plan Revisions (WOPR) rally that marched from the UO's Public Interest Environmental Law Conference to the steps of the Federal Courthouse. PIELC, one of the largest gatherings of environmental activists and legal minds in the country, has been monitored by federal agents in the past.

Ironically, Owen says the Pitchfork Rebellion in turn had already been investigating Homeland Security and what he calls the goal of one of its divisions of protecting business interests.

That March 7 rally was organized by Van Ornum and other students from OSPIRG. While the reports say the the marchers "attempted to storm" the steps of the building with the intent to occupy offices, Samantha Chirillo of Cascadia Ecosystem Advocates says that didn't happen and she as an organizer "wanted to avoid confrontation." The goal was to present Rep. Peter DeFazio and Sen. Ron Wyden with petitions against the WOPR, a plan that that calls for increased logging of Oregon's old-growth forests.

According to the reports, Homeland Security believed there was a danger that the pesticide rally participants would also march to the courthouse. A FPS officer, Inspector William Turner, was stationed at the courthouse in an unmarked car. Another officer, Thomas Keedy, attended the rally at Kesey Square. Keedy, according to the reports, called the Eugene Police, specifically naming Van Ornum, alleging he had stepped into traffic and that he had a pesticide bottle of unknown contents.

The original press release from the EPD said "there were some witnesses who reported overhearing rally participants prior to the incident planning a way to provoke a call that would get police to the area," but it never identified those witnesses.

Witnesses like Mary Stephens say the only time Van Ornum might have "blocked traffic" was when an EPD officer in an unmarked car stopped on the road and called Van Ornum over to the vehicle. She says the Homeland Security officer she talked to at the rally said he was "just passing by." The pesticide bottle that Van Ornum was using as part of the street theater at the event was left behind by officers after Van Ornum's arrest. It contained water, organizers say, pointing out the rally was against chemicals such as pesticides.

In William Turner's report, he writes that when he left the courthouse to go to the rally, he radioed the "Denver MegaCenter" to let them know he was on route "to provide assistance." The Denver MegaCenter is one of four FPS centers that monitor and dispatch FPS officers around the clock.

"The feds were the precipitating factors to calling in the police," says Regan, not the actions of the people at the rally.

The Homeland Security reports say that the officers saw "several subjects, some wearing masks covering their faces" that were "provoking" EPD officers by entering traffic lanes. But witnesses who have appeared at several meetings about the Tasering incident all say the street theater participants stayed on the sidewalk. Van Ornum was leaning against a planter, listening to the speakers, when the officers dragged him across the street before grabbing him by the hair, slamming his head against the ground and Tasering him, say the witnesses.

"They are lying in the reports to justify why Homeland Security was there," says Owen.

Homeland Security didn't return EW's call before press time.



Lane County is convening a grand jury next week to investigate the May 30 anti-pesticide rally that ended with the Tasering of UO student Ian Van Ornum. Local independent media videographer Tim Lewis of Picture Eugene, whose footage of the event was featured on EW! A Blog and YouTube, has been subpoenaed in the case.

The grand jury investigation is not looking into the allegations of police brutality in the incident but is investigating whether to press state felony charges against Van Ornum, Day Owen and Anthony Farley as well as others involved in the rally. It was recently revealed that the Department of Homeland Security was also involved in the case and contacted the EPD about the rally while it was in progress.

The Eugene Municipal Court dropped its charges against the three activists that were arrested in response to Lane County District Attorney Douglas Harcleroad's request that the county examine (and prosecute) the cases and determine whether state charges will be filed.

Harcleroad told the R-G, that "But if the investigation turns up criminal wrongdoing by officers or other rally attendees, they could face charges."

Lauren Regan of the Civil Liberties Defense Center, which is involved in the case, says she's afraid the witnesses who have filed complaints and made public statements about the EPD's brutality will be forced to testify before the grand jury. "It's almost like a retaliator slap that they're going to be roped into a grand jury." She says, "It's a real usurpation of what the citizens thought they were doing by coming forward."

Others, like witness Mary Stephens, fear that by coming forward and speaking out against the Tasering they have made themselves targets for the investigation.

As a result of Harcleroad's investigation, the inquiry into the allegations of police brutality by the Eugene Citizen's Review Board will now be delayed.

The internal police review of the case has also been postponed. Sgt. Scott McKee of Internal Affairs, which conducts internal reviews of cases like this that allege misconduct by EPD officers, is leading the county's investigation into potential felony charges against the protesters.

That's "cops investigating cops" says Lewis, who was presented his grand jury subpoena by Sgt. Mckee at the U.S. Olympic Track and Field Trials. Lewis was there to get a press credential to document the Trials.

The subpoena demands "all videotape or video recordings" Lewis has of the May 30th incident and demands that Lewis appear before the grand jury with those items on July 3 at 9 am.

"Have they subpoenaed any of the television stations that were there?" asks Lewis a longtime Eugene videographer and one of the founders of Eugene's CopWatch. In previous grand jury cases involving news footage, the grand jury was only allowed to subpoena the published footage, not all the raw footage that was filmed, says Regan. Lewis "intends to protect his proprietary footage," she says.

Many activists, both locally and across the nation, object to the grand jury system. It has unrestricted powers that many regard as dangerous to civil liberties. It was originally used to be a buffer between a king and his subjects, according to the American Bar Association, but "now it simply acts as a rubber stamp for the prosecutor." Other countries like England and Australia have banned the grand jury system.

Unlike in regular trials, grand jurors are not screened for bias, and anyone can be called to testify before a grand jury without probable cause. Failure to testify can result in jail sentences, like that of Jeff Hogg who was held in Lane County Jail for almost six months for his refusal to testify before a grand jury in the Operation Backfire cases.

"They pretend that it [the grand jury] is somehow going to be neutral," says Regan who objects to the use of grand juries by prosecutors like Harcleroad. "Grand juries will indict a ham sandwich."

mussolini administrative policies 03.Jul.2008 14:35

david carson haines sencades usfish01@hotmail.com

i too, was attacked by homeland security........they have a subsidized contract with their security front known as "SEGURITAS", WHILE shopping at BARTELLS'S DRUG IN SEATTLE AT THE 3rd and union st. store...........................when i went into store to buy a coconut opener the guard ,(smoking a cigarette right in front of sliding door), turned and disgruntledly blew all the smoke in the store........1st violation...........when i asked where the bathroom was ,the female clerk lied ,said "we dont have one in here" then laughed.... when i saw the restroom i darted for it,( it was a 2 water and a coffee emergency piss....the manager signalled to the 3 employees and before i knnew it they were surrounding me......when i began to explain the emergency of needing to relieve myself before buying the opener ,the asst. manager grabbed my arm and said dont want to here it....2nd violation (assault)..........when i turned and said ,if you want to be like that maybe i will have to piss on your building but iam definitely taking my business elsewhere,,,,when i saw a seedless ,unsustainable ,fake orange 3rd violation,( good for putting in the garbage disposal to scent better) or to throw at honking ,harasiing cars,i picked one up and said i should throw this up against your building to demonstrate to you the treatment you subjected me
too.....they attacked again , this time from behind,,4th violation,,,,they knocked me down in front of the store and i fell on the orange,,,,when i got up and the asst. manager threw my coconut at me...the homeland security guard attacked for a 3rd time ,(5th violation),this time i was proteciting my knee ,(injured on a fishing boat 3months prior), they the 3 of them tackled me and i fell again in the street,,,this time 5 feet from rush hour traffic,,literally in the down town thorough fare of 3rd ave..........they proceedded to hit my ribs witha weapon....while the homeland security guard pushed my chin into my chest then began taking his palm and punching the small of my neck.......... ( after this i began fighting back...... 6th violation.... when the copsgot there...one of them started helping them......when i said,,,"ARE YOU A REAL COP?' HE STOPPED, then the other cop moves in and said " i got it" when i said i needed to pee before a purchase he said, do you still got to go? i said i dkont think so ,,it all rushed back into my body......i got up and said,"I WANT THESE 3 ARRESTED", THE COP OFFICER HARRINGTON,LAUGHED AND SAID ,"IT DOESNT WORK THAT WAY," THEN put me in car ,then took me out of car so bartell could take a piture of me. then,drove me to the jail to identify me ( i showed them my credit card in front of store<, after 45 minutes i was released,,,,,,i phone the C.E.O. GEORGE BARTELLS AND HE OFFERD $500,000 THOUSAND DOLLARS....WHEN HE GOT THE POLICE REPORT, IT STARTED FROM WHEN THE OFFICE SAW THE ORANGE SMASHED OUT FRONT OF STORE........THE OFFER WAS WITHDRAWN .......WHEN MY BOSS FOUND OUT ABOUT THE ATTACK.........HE WITHDREW HIS OFFER TO TAKE CARE OF MY INJURED KNEE...........SAYING THEY SHOULD PAY FOR IT.......RIGHT NOW I HAVE PERMANENT NECK DAMAGE TO THE LIGAMENTS AND VIENS...AND MY KNEE NEVER GOT THE HEALTHCARE.... I SUBMITTED THE REQUEST TO CORRECT THE POLICE REPORT AND THE POLICE SAID I AM NOT ALLOWED TO BECUZ I AM NOT A PROPERTY OWNER.....................NOW, I HAVE NO JOB , MY BOSS OWES ME $27,000 AND BARTELLS OWES FOR MY NECK AND THE SALES MEETING I HAD TO CLOSE A SEAFOOD CONTRACT WITH A HONG KONG BASED CRUISE LINE................... MY BOSS NEVER EVEN PAID MY WAGES (STILL OWED.) I FEEL CHEATED..............PLEASE CALL ME IF YOU ARE WILLING TO PROTEST BARTELLS DRUG WHO GETS THE LARGEST PHARMACUETICAL SUBSIDY IN THE NORTH WEST ,AND GETS HOMELAND SECURITY SUBSIDIES.............THESE SHOULD BENEFIT THE LOCAL COMMUNITY NOT PERSECUTE WITH IMPUNITY.......RENTER'S REVOLT!!!!!PLEASE CALL MY LAWYER AND GIVE HIM ADVICE ON WHAT TO DO ABOUT MAKING BARTELLS PAY THE REST OF MY KNEE CARE.......OR EMAIL ME AT  WWW.USFISH01@hotmail.com note'''the 01 in the email adress are both numbers.......206-770-9100
david carson haines leave message if not there.....thanks/.


Updates 04.Jul.2008 16:35


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William Turner is a bully with a badge... 18.Jul.2008 12:50

Kamiel Foskey vizhon@gmail.com

I am quite familiar with both the Thomas Keedy and the William Turner in these stories about the May 30th tasering and brutality incident. I am familiar with them because I was maimed permanently by William Turner in 2005. He was violently defending himself against a cell phone, slammed me to the ground repeatedly, tore up my right shoulder in a permanent way and then proceeded to arrest me and maliciously prosecute me for 8 months claiming he had been assaulted by a lethal weapon, never once producing one shred of evidence to support his case. He showed up at court with no evidence and no witnesses and a very large boast that he is a great fighter and can beat anyone up he wants because he was a combat instructor at the local police academy for 5 years.

In the end the judge found me guilty only of having been loud and he walked away the proud bully that got away with another beat down.

At that time I had encountered Thomas Keedy playing the part of William Turner's boss. When I tried to complain about William Turner it is Thomas Keedy that told me I would be arrested again if I tried to press charges against William Turner and told me that I was powerless to do anything about my situation because federal officers can do anything they want.

I have since then been trying with limited success to build a civil case against the both of them for violation of my rights and personal injury.

The Department of Homeland Security is no one's friend. They are the Gustapo and we are now in Nazi Germany. It's time folks woke up and smelled the coffee before bullies with badges like them are running this country.