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Rally Sat. for Free Tibet at Eugene Olympic Trials (aka Eugene Police State)

Dubbed "Eugene 08", police, homeland security, and track officials have fenced off streets around Hayward field. Lighters and umbrellas are not allowed, nor is free speech. A rally and march for a free Tibet is scheduled to begin from the U. of O. student union (E.M.U.) plaza at 10:30 AM Saturday, June 28.
Hundreds of national and international news teams are here, as are dozens of commercial vendor booths ringing the Hayward Field track on the east edge of the University of Oregon. It will be interesting to see if "protest" or "political" signs are "allowed" on a city street and sidewalk where Nike Corporation is handing out 28 inch heavy stock free track posters by the hundreds... where Homeland Security in white and Eugene Police in black almost outnumber the track fans.