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Radio Documentary: Genocide in the Canadian "Indian" Residential Schools Part 1 of 2

Kevin Annett interview, with excerpts from the award-winning documentary film, "Unrepentant."
Produced by Amanda Bellerby for "Flashpoints", recorded June, 2008 @ Co-Op Radio studios, Vancouver, BC
59 minutes, MP3
MP3 audio
MP3 audio
On Wednesday June 11, 2008 the Prime Minister of Canada, Steven Harper,
issued an "apology" to the entire Native population of Canada for the
sexual and physical "abuse" they suffered in Residential Schools across
Canada, from the mid-19th century until the last school closed in the1990s.

But the Prime Minister's action is being called a criminal cover-up by
some who know a few things Mr. Harper won't acknowledge. Eye-witness
testimony from survivors and irrefutable, historical evidence reveal the
systematic mass-murder of more than 50,000 native children in these
so-called schools.

Torture and medical experimentation were rampant. Children died
primarily because of a national policy of deliberately not treating
deadly communicable diseases like Tuberculosis. Many were also died as
victims of violence and torture. More than half of the kids kidnapped
and imprisoned in these "schools" never made it home alive

The Residential schools were exclusively run by Catholic and Protestant
ministers, priests and nuns, and were fully funded by the taxpayers of

The man blowing the whistle on all this is Kevin Annett, a defrocked
Minister who was fired for exposing the true story of his Church's role
in the Canadian Holocaust. Noam Chomsky says this man deserves the Nobel
Peace Prize more than many who have received it. Kevin is a sincere,
dedicated man. His story is riveting, horrifying, his courage and
commitment formidable.

The Churches and Canadian government continue to refuse to admit to
conducting this genocide, a national crime that is slowly but surely
being revealed to a horrified Canadian public.

The government- and church-orchestrated "Truth and Reconciliation
Commission" (TRC) is a criminal cover-up that is running out of places
to hide. As Kevin says, "TRC like a serial murderer being allowed to put
all his friends and family on the jury."

Includes excerpts from the award-wining documentary film, "Unrepentant."

You can watch the film "Unrepentant" on the Hidden from History website,

or on Google videos, here:

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