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You WILL give up your guns

As I write this, millions of gun owners are celebrating the Supreme Court's Heller ruling.(1) Going off what they're hearing from the newspapers and television they believe our Right to Keep and Bear Arms has been affirmed. They're mistaken.

The majority opinion, in actuality a stealth assault on our Rights states that we have a "right"... BUT the state has a "right" to "regulate" WHO may keep and bear arms, WHERE they may keep and bear arms, WHAT KIND OF ARMS they may bear, and HOW they may bear their permitted arms.

J. Croft

As I write this, millions of gun owners are celebrating the Supreme Court's Heller ruling.(1) Going off what they're hearing from the newspapers and television they believe our Right to Keep and Bear Arms has been affirmed. They're mistaken.

The majority opinion, in actuality a stealth assault on our Rights states that we have a "right"... BUT the state has a "right" to "regulate" WHO may keep and bear arms, WHERE they may keep and bear arms, WHAT KIND OF ARMS they may bear, and HOW they may bear their permitted arms.

Permitted. Within "reason". Let's review what the Second Amendment states:

"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

Regulated, you say. Yes the Heller decision certainly allows "regulation"-THAT'S NOT WHAT "WELL REGULATED MILITIA" MEANS! A well regulated Militia is YOU and YOUR NEIGHBORS having operating, modern rifles and TRAINED in their use-WELL REGULATED. Remember the Bill of Rights was designed to RESTRICT THE GOVERNMENT... NOT WE THE PEOPLE!

Militias were, ARE, We the People. Everyone able bodied was a member, and once upon a time when We the People still remembered that WE are Sovereign and NOT the state, We drilled and target practiced on public property... weekly.

Well-Regulated Militia-which was considered necessary to the security of a free State. See, the backbone of the nation's defense was on each of us arising out of necessity with arms and the skills to handle them well. They certainly did rise-whether the threat came from British Empire during the Revolutionary War; Mexico when it tried to conquer the Midwest during the 1840's; the James and Younger gang raid in Minnesota in 1876; or when our own govenrment needs checking-as last happened on August 2nd, 1946 in Athens, Tennessee. (2)

All of those conflicts required the Militia arising in defense. The Militia was the backbone of our nation's defense. Guns equal power. America's power was diversified, diffused into each and every one of us that could shoot. And we had Freedom-because we had those Rights, unassailable by government decree; that "SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED" clause.

The Heller decision just overturned that clause. You cannot have a Right by permit, a permit is a GRANTING OF PRIVILEGE BY THE STATE. Permits and privileges are RESTRICTED and REVOKED by the beast every day. It's a series of never-ending wars for our Rights; every time some bureaucrat, cop, lawyer or politician tries to enforce a new regulation, collect a new fine or tax, or restrict Freedom it is YOUR responsibility to resist!

Everyone, the United States Government has just won the judicial war over Our Second Amendment. Remember who rendered this decision-LAWYERS! Lawyers lie and twist words around like a bowl of spaghetti for a living. The nine vile creatures who just decided to blow the bottom out of YOUR RIGHT TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS are the nine vilest lawyers in America. This is the SAME court that stopped the recount in 2000, delivering the Presidency to their select man, George W. Bush.(3) Same inbred son of a bitch who used 9/11 to wage war against nations that HAD NO CONNECTION to the attack. Same greedy bastard whose signed off on a police state run by ex-KGB, ex-stasi communist apparatchiks.(4)

What, you think Al Gore, that elitist socialist, would act any different?! The only difference between a Gore presidency and the one that's led to our final downfall is that Al Gore wouldn't be quite as crass as dubya. Today, Americans, you already have given up your guns-you just haven't handed them in yet!
"No" you say? Let me remind you of whom you're dealing with.

You're dealing with lawyers, bureaucrats, politicians, agents, cops-all trained in double speak, well-versed in the fine arts of psychological deception and ALL of them possessing an infinite hunger for power. They lie, they steal, they imprison, they murder. Many of them are so full of their own bullshit they actually think they're doing right.

Their fellow travelers who run America's highly centralized cultural institutions-television, newspapers, book publishing, motion pictures-they all possess the belief systems they shove down our throats as we consume their intellectual and moral poisons several hours a day:

"Guns are inherently bad. Especially the kinds of guns a modern day Militia would use, those evil banana clip machine guns."

"You could blow your foot off or a kid's head off with a accidental discharge"

"You're a bad person if you use a gun for self-defense, you need to be put through the mockery of justice called the legal system."

"The state should be the only ones with the guns. They'll keep us safe and protect Freedom."


You WILL give up your guns. You're trained to. The beast has been systematically dismantling the Militia-that's you-with standing armies and pacifying us for generations. It's been a systematic process a dialectic imposed on us all by incredibly crafty evil people to breed us, groom us back to slavery.

Believe it or not, the pacification started with the very drafting of the Constitution itself; there was a faction known as the "federalists"-the elite of the 12 Colonies-who wanted a strong government they could permanently dominate but they had a huge problem. That problem being the American People; armed, battle hardened from fighting the British Army, educated, self-sufficient, so well-versed in the law they argued their own cases in court and WON.

Already two post-Revolutionary War uprising had occurred, the most notable being Shay's Rebellion which was a revolt against the incredible injustice of that era's debtor's laws-basically manipulating the markets so that the small farmers had to borrow and go into debt. When they inevitably failed, the creditors who controlled the markets swooped down, stole the farms and sent innocent people to the gallows. Evil.

The federalists were further hampered by the Articles of Confederation-designed to stymie any strong national government. The States were essentially independent states with their own currencies and militias, bound only by a Congress and the need for a Navy to repel the British.

Well, the federalists had a very dangerous situation for themselves. A frontal attack to secure more privilege for themselves would lead to a second Revolution, given there were already armed revolts over debts. They had a most unruly people to tame.

So being as wise and well educated as they were, those lawyers and rich mercantilists conspired. They manipulated the markets of Colonial era America to bring about depression and engineer an economic collapse. This engineered crisis forced an outcry to amend the Articles of Confederation to allow a more centralized hand to stop the "elites" manipulating the markets...

... They enacted the next stage of their conspiracy. They met in secret in that Philedelphia courthouse in 1787 and drafted the US Constitution. Once completed the federalists launched a blitz ratification campaign that attempted to shove this beast down upon the American People's throats. They won, barely-only after throwing in the first ten amendments-the Bill of Rights. Only after enacting an embargo against Rhode Island in 1791.

Why am I painting the US Constitution in such a bad light?

First, it was born out of a conspiracy, as I described above. It was the best course of action the federalists could take to secure their rule; a framework that protected their domination of a strong central government that would grow over the years, while at the same time offering the People a semblance of individual Freedom a Hologram of Liberty. (5)

It's worked brilliantly. Over the next two centuries, the federal government would grow in both power and scope. It's controllers, the ruling "elite" of this nation would use the Constitution as the springboard to grab more power-secure in it's faux divisions of power, the staggering of elections to prevent a single disastrous(to them) election from sweeping them from power. Even the Bill of Rights were either subtly sabotaged, misconstrued, or simply ignored.(6)

Yet the American People would remain the greatest threat to their power: armed, rugged, self-reliant, literate, and often rebellious. Having control of America's economy by their control of the major corporations, and control of the United States government they set about the long process of taming us.

The economy has long been manipulated; stock and commodity prices driven up and then pummeled to guide the unsuspecting American People into behaviors and patterns they could use to gain further control. A prime example being the depressing of commodity prices to drive the millions of families formerly on the farm into the cities to work for wages in factories. Eventually a psychology of dependence upon big business for their sustenance would be imbuled into the American psyche.

A people dependent on others for their livelihood cannot be free.

The educational system has been a prime weapon used against us; government schools are modeled after the Prussian model-strict deliniation of time periods, strictly held schedules of what they learn and when without regard for individual aptitude. Once control of America's schools was achieved the long process of gradually, subtly dumbing down each and every successive generation has yielded today's sorry lot.(7)

A people ignorant of who they are, without even the faculties of being able to think, cannot be free.

Immigration was encouraged; millions of Europeans were shipped in who were pig ignorant of what Freedom is. Eventually their mentalities, formed by centuries of despots wielding absolute power over them, made more radical social controls a viable option. Controls... like the banning of guns in New York with the Sullivan Act in 1916. Being used to being ruled without complaining, their apathetic attitude, their poison would eventually infect the whole of the American People as submission to authority became normed.

A people who won't fight for their Freedom at the first sight of potential tyranny cannot be free.

Laws were enacted. Being under the secure control of the lawyers, the body of law the People were subjected to expanded exponentially. It eventually became NORMED that only lawyers handled the law, handled the prosecution and defense of THEIR laws in THEIR courts. Eventually even THEY could not reasonably keep up with all the law they write, but it wouldn't matter as only their word mattered-America's legal system has so many laws, rules and regulations it is essentially lawless.

A people who let an "elite" be the sole writers and arbritors of the laws they submit to cannot be free.

That US government would eventually become powerful enough and confident enough to impose a direct income tax. Using arcane Senate rules allowing a few present to bring a bill to vote the 16th Amendment that would bring about the hated income tax was brought to the states to vote on. Not even legally ratified by a 2/3 majority of the states, it was nevertheless enacted into law-much as the ORIGINAL 13th Amendment barring anyone with title from holding public office was... forgotten-since attorneys hold the title of "esquire"... a title of nobility. Yet the lawyers rule us and the income tax would grow from a "reasonable" (that word again!) 1 percent to now-with so many direct taxes the American People now pay over FIFTY PERCENT of their already meager wages back in taxes to the beast!

A people who allow their very sustenance to be robbed from their mouths cannot be free.

As the "elite" gained more and more power and the People forgot who they were and that their opponents became their most respected citizens, they acquired new capabilities through the invention of the television. Operating at 60 hertz at a frame rate of 29.97 interlaced frames per second the hypnotic flicker of America's new electronic narcotic would be the platform by which generations would be progressively, systematically conditioned and ultimately zombified. Americans entire world view is now in the control of the corporations owned by the very "elites" whose ancestors first plotted to take this nation over.

A people who don't even own their own minds cannot be free.

Out of a stated need to "fight crime" caused by their manipulations and lawlessness the "elites" started forming Police forces. In clear violation of their own Constitution against standing armies, in defiance of the Second Amendment correct Militia, the police have become the beast's bully boys. The American People have become conditioned to rely on their security on a paramilitary force hostile to even their basic rights. A "brotherhood" that views themselves as the only righteous element left in America the law enforcement subculture has become one of the most virulent cancers in American society-and would not hesitate for a second to send you to prison for years on trumped up charges. And just you try and use a handgun in self-defense... even carry it under the Second Amendment-at best those tin badge gods will cite some BS lawyer crafted legal precedent to deny you your Right... (8)

A people who rely on criminals to enforce the peace cannot be free.

Now mull on that as we come to today's Heller ruling.

The supreme court has just ruled the very government that has plotted to rob you of everything you have and everything you are can use the technicality of avoiding a outright ban to ban you from owning guns anyway under whatever pretext they can "reasonably" concoct! You're too dumb to even realize the government's your enemy, too impoverished to free yourselves from the beast, and too conditioned by the corporate built "mainstream culture" to even act in self-defense. In violation of the Second Amendment you've never received Militia training, you think they're evil rednecks. MAYBE you've shot a gun... a few times... badly. Those who've even approached Second Amendment standards for their Militia requirements are a distinct minority. You rely on the very same police that spend most of their time harassing and taxing you with fines, arresting you for no cause, and imprisoning you in disease ridden gulags for protection against thugs the beast cultivates. You rely on the very same military being trained and conditioned in Iraq and Afghanistan to go door to door at 3 in the morning and rob, rape and murder you when they transition out of the military and take a career in law enforcement to "protect" our nation in the role the Second Amendment correct Militia once did a lot better.

A people like you who are so twisted and enfeebled they love their slavery will give up their guns.

YOU will give up your guns...

... Or you can realize that You ARE the Militia!(9)

J. Croft

(1)Heller vs. District of Columbia-a WWE scripted court "battle" if ever there was one. The outcome was fixed from day one when the prosecuting attorney deliberately failed to raise up the "shall not be infringed" clause-instead not so subtly attacking it with exclusions against "assault weapons", "concealed carry" and so forth. Today, as I was watching the news coverage, the spokesman for Handgun Control put in a piss poor acting effort to be outraged... You could see the gleam in his eyes as finally the lawyers endorse restricting guns to death instead of a frontal assault on the 2nd Amendment which would bring about a certain Revolution. Clever.

(2) Battle of Athens, Tennessee-August 2, 1946; returning GI's attempt a peaceful change of government from the corrupt good ol' boy network that had systematically terrorized the people of McMinn county. The Sheriff seized the ballot box, raided the GI's campaign office, and took prisoners. They barricaded themselves in their jail and threatened to shoot anyone who approached. The GI's, having fought Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan, went to the National Guard armory, took rifles, ammo and a machine gun and laid seige to the jail they were holed up in for several hours. The cops surrendered after dynamite was used on them. The Governor of Tennessee wisely did NOT send in the National Guard sensing the whole state would rise up in rebellion. Unfortunately for us, there hasn't been a uprising like that since-we've become soft and stupid.

(3)Not that the popular vote matters-the Electoral College is another block against the People by the "elitists" that wrote the 1787 Constitution, barring any potential challenge to their hologram of liberty.

(4)Incredibly, regrettably true! Michael Chertoff a dual citizen of Israel is head of the unconstitional, anti-freedom department of homeland security that is the vangaurd of America's police state.

(5)Hologram of Liberty by Ken Royce, I most highly recommend his book on the plot by those men who met in Philadelphia in 1787 to stage a clever coup against the American People with a strong centralized government that people mistakenly think is their own and that somehow guarantees freedom-when we're the most enslaved people on Earth! Even the North Koreans have a better deal as their beast of a government makes it plain they're slaves. Anyway, you need to read this so order it from www.javelinpress.com, or hit the next gun show, after you get a private sale military pattern semiautomatic rifle... while you can!

(6) About the Bill of Rights...

*First Amendment has been breached. "Free Speech Zones" restrict protest as do city issued permits. Churches are forced to get IRS 501c3 exemptions or have their church/state separation clause violated. Even the press, even reporters and photographers of the corporate owned press, are now routinely assaulted and arrested by America's tin badge gods.

*Nobody respects the Second Amendment anyway. Even in no permit needed Vermont, if you bump up against the wrong tin badge god you're going to jail. God help you if you get caught carrying in Washington DC, NYC, or Chicago without a permit only connections and LOTS of money can secure.

*Prohibitions against "unreasonable" search and seizure have been systematically reasoned out of existence.

*Excessive fines are constantly levied against those the beast deems need a lesson taught to.

*Even the local jails are torture camps. County jails and prisons are gladiatorial hell holes or are models of systematic psychological and physical torture. All designed to either break you or transform you into a criminal thug whose apparent societal function is to commit crimes against you... to scare you into surrendering yet more Freedom for vague promises of "security".

*Court proceedings are designed to systematically rob you of your money until you're no longer financially able to resist because your attorney wants more money than you got, and you have to resort to their plea deal. All the lawyers go home richer and you suffer for the rest of your life. Go to www.fija.org and learn how to use the juries to fight back!

*Oh yeah, trials by jury are avoided as much as possible because it takes the court verdicts away from the lawyers. A real American might actually sneak their way into the jury box by playing dumb and throw a monkey wrench in the process.

*Rights are commonly denied to others based on BS legal or psychological pretext; a psychiatrist's prognosis can rob a veteran of their Right to Bear Arms.

*The tenth amendment has been cleverly dodged by the Constitution's "commerce clause" and any and all pretext of "public safety", "national defense" or their favorite, "for the children".

(7)Go to www.deliberatedumbingdown.com, Charlotte Isebyrt has lined out in detail how America's schools have destroyed your mind.

(8)I dare you to go to www.officer.com or www.ratemycop.com and lurk in their forums. The jackboot thug mentality of your tin badge gods... if that don't scare you into waking up I don't know what will!

(9)I have more recommended reading, some essays of mine; go to  http://freedomguide.blogspot.com and look up the following essays from the table of contents:

Message to Mr. and Mrs. America
Martial Law Survival Guide
Message to the Patriot Movement
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