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What is the GAP in logic? How can we really increase the amount of board feet that we have harvested from our nationally "managed" forests. Even a federal emergency does not grant the GAP my pardon. You are sick, sick, sick! Now that the GAP owns the forest industry in CALIFORNIA everything is burning down while the FBI raids medical marijuana growers in humboldt county. It is not a coincidence. This fire is a war.
The Gap
Three months ago
On all the major corporate TV news shows
They reported that water in the Sierras was at 90 percent capacity.
Everyone who has had any longevity or science background
Knew that this was to blow a cool breath of relief against
The squinting view of Global Warming
Even as I said that the glaciers were all but dead
They said they measured and we were fine
90 percent meant go have a good time.
Two months ago they said OOPS
It was too soon to call
But we were reporting the disinformation to you all
After all, memory recall is not the function of a good news station
It is something called government disinformation
Which we happily provide
The debate ended about helping others as the crisis in global warming mounted
The stations were like
See the 60 percent that we are quoting you now, must be truth to prevail
Against the 90 percent we used as a oil slicked veil
The fact is that one month ago,
The fires started and they did not start slow.
They rampaged against Northern California
And Arnold declared his annual three month federal emergency
Due to completely predictable tragedies.
Last week 337 fires were started all in the same hour
Across Northern California a fireshed spread.

The state continues to burn.
We talk amongst ourselves about fire prevention
And maintaining healthy forests.

I have given 40 years of patience to the forest service
With their fire prevention games.
We fight fire with fire seems to be the motto
That helps to fill 1 million board feet of lumber per contract
Per company per year
That clear cuts and salvage logs our forests.
Now our forecast for the summer is soot and ash, 85 to 95 degrees on
The coast with a little bit of sun.
Every year the budget is increased for military, police and
The department of homeland security.
This state looks like a war.
It is. It's a war against the greens.
They scourge the hills to burn away hemp
And the media has squinted there way through
The debate on hemp diesel. Meanwhile so many fires all year
Lead to more fires.
I wonder when the forest service will learn that the wettest years produce
Less fires. During drought times cutting underbrush and burning hillsides is counterproductive.
We need to be spreading water. More water. We need to add additional hydration to our
Natural lands. We hoard the water and remove it from its natural sources
Only to spray it and waste it later on fires.
We use lakes, rivers, glaciers on fires that could
Have been prevented if we had kept these rivers free.
We act so silly and we are taught so silly.
Even as we are clear cut and stripped of forests by the forest service
We think it takes a fire to save the forests.
This stupidity has given us the worst single day of fire casualties.
More are to come. More are coming now.
Three months ago we were at 90 percent capacity.
Your gas cost 60 cents less last month.
You owned a house.
You had groceries in your fridge.
The shelves were over stocked in the supermarket.
What is looming? Can you see it?
Could it be the GAP????