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No Chargers for Hate

District attorney's office turns blind eye on hate and goes after civil rights activist.
My name is Lisa/Lee Iacuzzi and I am Not a Good Queer. Portland's district attorneys office has turned it's back on civil rights for transgendered people. The DA office has sucessfully convicted myself of stalking a women named Glenda Meyers. In this case, is the setting where Reach CDC and Bradley Angle House were found to have substanial evidence of gender discrimination by the State of Oregon. The hate mob has not been charged with a hate crime and are seen by the DA's office as these poor women who had to put up with Iacuzzi. It is a case where gay rights activists should be outraged and an example of impartial treatment of the DA's office. Glenda Meyers violated the stalking order over and over again by coming into my presence. She was not charged and she was even arrested for violation of stalking order and the DA did not press chargers. The DA went to Meyers home where my wittnesses have been intimitated and with his presence in the building, it has made a huge statement of unfairness and harassment. My case isg a good example of the state legislators to do something about the false claims of stalking. Meyers was never stalked but she will tell you how horrific her experience was and how her life is ruined due to her life. When I was a resident of the building, Meyers, being my neighbor was the drug dealer in the building. I am sure she has changed her ways now that she is a hero among the grieving women who had to live with a trans person. Sentencing is on July 11, 08. Appeal will be sought and unfortunately, I still believe in Justice. Not a Good Queer Lee Iacuzzi