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Local Sustainability Group seeks fiscal sponsorship

The Social Permaculture Advocacy Collective (S.P.A.C.) is looking to make contact with local 501c3 non-profits who are set up to be a fiscal sponsor for other groups.
The S.P.A.C. is a small group at this time, with three core members and a part-time volunteer all located in the Pacific NW. Two of our main interests are researching and teaching knowledge for truly (or radically) sustainable living (that is, without industrial civilization), and advancing awareness of and cultivating dialogue around Indigenous issues and how non-indigenous people can stand in respect and solidarity with those nations seeking to restate their sovereignty. We have several projects lined up and more being brain-stormed, including the construction of a library based on these issues, cultivating and re-introducing endangered and rare wild, native plants to degraded parts of the region and urban areas, and ultimately teaching free workshops and longer-term classes.

We have at least one foundation who wants to donate some start-up funding to us, but we do not intend to become a 501c3 ourselves and so must find a fiscal sponsor in order to be eligible to receive this and other funding. I (Alec) would like to meet with established non-profit groups who are interested in order to discuss possibilities for this kind of arrangement. I live in Portland but with some time to prepare I can make it to near-by cities in order to meet.

Please contact us if you are interested!


homepage: homepage: http://myspace.com/SPAC_nonprofit