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France: immigrants burn down deportation centre. 50 escape

Detained immigrants started a fire on Sunday at one of France's biggest deportation centres outside Paris. Two buildings burned down. 20 detainees were hospitalized for smoke inhalation. 50 escaped.
destroy what destroys you
destroy what destroys you
During a long sutained agitation inside the 2 detention centers in Vincennes in the suburbs of Paris , detaining a total of 273 people, a detainee died last Friday, the detainees started a protest, the cops answered with gas. Sunday a demo was organized in front of the center (by RESF and 9th Sans Papers collective), a fire started inside both centers, the detainees were violently evacuated

pictures at  http://www.oryva.net/spipindy/article.php3?id_article=308

see also the chronicle of the movement in Vincennes and Mesnil-Amelot since dec 2007

The blaze began when a number of detainees set mattresses on fire after the death on Saturday of a Tunisian immigrant detained in the centre. Police said he died from a heart attack while alone in his bedroom.
"This one too many death is to be blamed on the obsessive, cruel, brutal and inhuman policy that criminalises immigration," the MRAP said in a statement.
The French government has said it is aiming to expel 26,000 illegal immigrants in 2008 after missing its goal of 25,000 last year.

SydneyMoringHerald, June 23, 2008
France: Immigrants burn down buildings at French deportation centre [50 detainees at liberty]
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