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March on the Republican National Convention in St. Paul, MN!

Join us in the Twin Cities on September 1st!
Please view the flier for more information. Print and distribution would be appreciated as well.

Poster 23.Jun.2008 21:44

Den Mark, Vancouver WA

Good poster, except making many copies would use too much black ink. I'm not sure that doing a negative print would reduce the black, but i'll try it. Also, for use outside MN, it would help to include "St Paul, MN" right on the poster, tho i see space where that info could be added by us users. Thanks.

huh? 24.Jun.2008 11:39

me again

"... it would help to include "St Paul, MN" ..."

the second line of text on the poster says "ST. PAUL, MN" right after the date.

My Copy 24.Jun.2008 15:38

Den Mark

My copy is all black above the line that starts with "ASSEMBLE ..." No date; no city. Must be my cheap printer.