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DNC Disruption Tour Comes to Portland June 25th!

Unconventional Denver, a local anarchist group organizing against the Democratic National Convention protests will be speaking at Black Rose Books at 7pm on June 25th about what is being planned, how people can prepare and to field any questions people have.
DNC Disruption Tour
Black Rose Book Collective
June 25th 7pm
Free (donations are very very welcome though)


Members of Unconventional Denver are traveling the West, holding community meetings with people interested in learning more about the DNC Disruption Mobilization and the specific strategies and tactics that will be used during the protests.

Unconventional Denver and other chapters of Unconventional Action have been working for over a year with various groups to make the summer conventions some of the most successful mobilizations in recent history. For Denver, the protests will be historic, bringing in numbers of folks demanding another world never seen in the city before. As the war in Iraq and Afghanistan rages on, people continue losing their homes and the government and capitalism's failures are reaching their highest points, people are quickly losing patience with the state and capitalism. The Democratic Party is desperately trying to funnel discontent into Barack Obama's campaign for "hope" and "change." We're working hard to bring out scores of people to demand that hopes lies with people, not presidents and that real change comes from below not from above.

This will be a great opportunity for people to learn about the plans being made right now for Denver and ways people can participate. Also, the presenters are both really great people who want to be your friend.

For more info visit www.dncdisruption08.org

homepage: homepage: http://www.dncdisruption08.org