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Impeachment Week 49 - The Vigil outside Blumenauer's office is still going

This week video of the vigil is into week 49
Held weekly on Thursdays high noon till 2:00 pm
This was filmed on June 19 2008 in Portland Oregon
June 2008 west coast update
June 2008 west coast update
This short YouTube video is from week 49 and was filmed over at 729 NE Oregon Street around 1:30 on 6/19/08

* - has an update about upcoming weekly events and activism
* - short (fitting) song from an Impeachment protester sitting out front
* - an activist heads inside to Earls office for request for a meeting

An outtake clip from that event (with the same music as background) is here:

That outtake video clip is an update report from one of the weekly impeachment activists informing us about Bandon Oregon and the energetic Impeachment / anti-war protest going on weekly in that "west coast" city

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