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Dixie Mattress Emblems covered with MLK JR Portrait, Quote

artists cover confederate flag emblems of dixie mattress company store front on SE Belmont with spray painted portraits of Martin Luther King, Jr. and the phrase "I have a dream"
on sunday afternoon two guerrilla artists brought ladders and a message to dixie mattress company store front on se belmont: they covered the two confederate flag emblems flanking the entrance with two metal sheets spray painted with portraits of Martin Luther King, Jr. andthe phrase "I have a dream" amidst onlookers. if anyone has a photo of the act, please post!

That's Awesome 23.Jun.2008 13:40

way to go!

That seriously rocks...get pissed off every time I walk by there, wish they'd keep the new decor!

Anyone know if that's even a real business or if it's just a front for some right-wing group or something? I've never even seen the place open...

photos!!!! 23.Jun.2008 16:33

an excited hoodie

way to go whoever did this!!!

yes, they're a business 23.Jun.2008 17:25

Former Business Assoc. Prez

Dixie Mattress is a real business, and probably the longest running business in "downtown" Belmont. They sell mattresses to hotels, so they do not do any retail. Years ago, we discussed updating with them, but they politely indicated they were not so inclined.

Personally, I think this MLK stencil is pretty cool. Well executed!

Well Ain't That Somethin' 26.Jun.2008 10:13

Brooks nekrotical@yahoo.com

I live [prettymuch] across the street from this place. Having grown up in Georgia (that state originally co-oped the confederate emblem into its' flag in the 1950's & has since changed it twice - most recently in 2004) , it got my attention the 1st time i ever passed by it; though i never [really] made anything of it. I never could figure out whether the place was even open or not...

Nice job 26.Jun.2008 12:08


Awesome work. Hat's off to whoever did this.

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