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<video> Joe Anybody Interviews Police Taser Victim - Assault Victim from The City of Roses

I read on Portland Indy media where an innocent victim of an assault was tasered by the police. I contacted him on 6 -12 for an interview on camera
We made a four part video set on YouTube
Innocent ly Assaulted Tasered Arrested in the City of Roses
Innocent ly Assaulted Tasered Arrested in the City of Roses
I interviewed Clifton in the neighborhood near where he was assaulted on Saturday 6-12-08
He told me on camera how he was assaulted by two assholes coming out of a bar on SE 48 and Belmont street here in Portland Oregon around 7pm at night
This happened as he was waiting for a bus to go to work on an evening shift...the job he lost due to be taken to jail and missing work

After he was jumped and slammed into a storefront window by the two guys he explains that he latter hit a wall and a window with his hand when he was waiting for the police to show up out of frustration and anger. He was "one of the few" who called the police. In the interview he explains he made the mistake in hitting the window and he tells how that within 2 seconds of the police showing up he was "put on the ground" and then Tasered... ?

Clifton never was treated as a victim of an assault, he never was spoken to in a respectful way, he was never even given a chance tell what happened to him until he was shocked and arrested. The police as he describes ...treat him from the moment they arrive as the "bad guy"

This video is broken into four parts on YouTube:

..(1)  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2cDRlvOCq5M

..(2)  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GyGQ9Cqaf8o

..(3)  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sH2Ee_hZxGc

..(4)  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZnBMPk-VAws

Hear Mr Brooks tell "his version" of how he lost his job due to being on city street in Portland waiting for his bus to go to work and then being jumped by two drunks ... and if thats not enough having the portland police come long and shock the shit out of him and take him off to jail?

(ha!)(sic) They release him to walk home at 4 am the next morning keeping his bike in storage

Did he ever get his day in court? No!
Not surprising ...the DA is not pursuing this case and therefore its "dropped" (for now)
Assaulted, Tasered, Arrested, and then He lost his job .... with no trial as well to seek any justice
We welcome Mr Brooks to the City of Roses from Alabama
He is probably lucky the police didn't just shoot him

homepage: homepage: http://www.joe-anybody.com

thanks Joe for putting this together 21.Jun.2008 21:16

the Old-Timer

as so many of us know, the PoPo has degenerated into a band of thugs with a cadre of idiots with very low-IQ's, poor speech abilities, limited capacity to think "critically" and capable only of mutually shared "groupthink" and parroting back what they've gathered from indoctrination sessions.

It was not always this way, as the quality of personnel has declined alarmingly so in the past few years, and I fear it's hastened due to Madam Sizer's gross mismanagement of the Bureau for which she was terribly ill-suited to take over. As I understand from my sociologist pals that have managed to undertake some serious study the situation at PPB, it is made up of various factional groupings, that are as much at odds with each other as they are with the citizens.

One can only hope that things don't get worst in the waning months of the Potter fiasco of an admin- istration (with his mismatched pick of Sizer as his Chief once he ousted whatshisname) and now once Adams comes to power, he'll be motivated to take control of this woefully out-of-control organiza- tion.
I rather think he will, for he surely saw how Vera Katz left her tenue in office after a long other-
wise successful political career a much reveled Old Hag for her ineptness at management of the PPB and saw Potter's one term just as badly ruined due to a host of missteps and unwillingness to see the Bureau for what they truly are (and an unreasonable fear on his part of offending Robert King
--makes ya wonder what King has on him?)and I doubt Adams will want to have his future hobbled the same way as Vera Katz and Tom Potter, for I would expect him to aspire for higher office than just Mayor of Portland and he'd never get it if he fails to bring PPB back under control.

Please keep up the excellent work there and do know it is very much appreciated out here in Portland.

Thanks! Now an Update 26.Jun.2008 10:43

Brooks nekrotical@yahoo.com

Thank you, Joe, for doing this for me. I feel like it's extremely important to bring this shit to light, as far as how the gang of the PPB treats the citizentry of Portland!

Here's an update on my case:

Acouple of weeks ago i sunt off for a police report from that night, as i've stated in the video/interview. Requests for police reports cost $10 & are ONLY avalable via mail.
On Tuesday June 24th i recieved my request form back, along with the $10 money order, along with a piece of paper stating that because the DA' office still considers the case "open", NO report would be avalable at this time! As i've said before, the two charges against me were incially dropped two days after my arrest. But i was told by the DA that because damage to the window [which i had broken] was still being mitigated, the case was still considered open. I was given a no. & advised to call the office ever-so-often to check up on the status of the case.

Goddamn thing is, the entire police report seems to consists of a criminal case regarding ME, (((ME))) as the sole aggravator! As if i just FLEW INTO A RAGE, all of a sudden, for no goddamn reason, & i just smashed a window, for no reason, just for the Hell of it. And i just picked a fight with the police, for no reason, all of a sudden, WTF!?!?!?

As best i can tell, there's [aparently] NO mention of the ASSAULT. The two guys who ASSAULTED me, as i was about to board the #15 trying to get to work. NO metion of the FIRST window that was broken, when during the fight i was PUSHED INTO. NO mention of the two guys taking off up the street, heading east, NO mention of ANYTHING the police did in regards to [trying] to catch the two criminals, while i stayed there on the scene, on the phone with 911 dispatch.
To this day, these two guys... COWARDS remain completely protected by anonymity, while I"M left to have to deal with all this shit!
This whole goddamn thing statred with ME simply trying to get to work, now, i'm not sure what other avenues, legally, i can take at this point...

Latest Update 30.Jun.2008 15:12

Brooks nekrotical@yahoo.com

I was contacted by a spokesperson for the Independent Police Review division (IPR). We spoke for over 20 minutes. This person informed me of some of the contents of the police report, the one i tried to get. I was told that there were two reports: one written up by an officer Sweeny report no. 08-54593, & [arresting] officer Mckinlay report no. 08-054566.
In particular, i was asked about the tasering & what [specifically] lead to it. This person then informed me that i SHOULD be able to obtain a copy of the report - he says he himself was able to get a copy.

So for me, the next step is to re-send off for that report.

9.25.08 Mocker Of Justice "updated report " (with video) 26.Sep.2008 17:14

Joe Anybody iam@joe-anybody.com

Here is a 9.25.08 "Follow Up Report"
It contains a 2 part video that brings us up to date on this mockery of justice