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Take Action Against Largest HLS Investor

Eagle Assets is now Huntingdon Life Sciences largest investor with over 14 million dollars in shares in the company also known as Life Sciences Research, ticker symbol LSR. Activists are beginning to launch a full-scale protest campaign against Eagle Assets and their parent company Raymond James, which has offices all over the United States. Take the time to contact both Eagle Assets and Raymond James today.
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Action Alert:
Contact Eagle Assets and tell them to divest from LSR! They are now Huntingdon Life Sciences' largest investor with over 15 million dollars in shares.<br style="display:none"/><br />

They have a 1-800 number, you can call for free from any phone including payphones:
1.800.237.<br style="display:none"/><br />3101

 Ryan.Gainsford@eagleasset.com,  cooper.abbott@eagleasset.com,  jim.cieutat@eagleasset.com,  kevin.starnes@eagleasset.com, mailto: richard.rossi@eagleasset.com,  europe@eagleasset.com

Eagle Asset Management
880 Carillon Parkway
St.<br style="display:none"/><br /> Petersburg, Florida 33716

Sales Phone: 727.567.<br style="display:none"/><br />4682

J.<br style="display:none"/><br /> Cooper Abbott
Director - Europe
Eagle Asset Management

Email:  europe@eagleasset.com

Telephone: +1.727.567.<br style="display:none"/><br />4682

Offices in:
London, England
Copenhagen, Denmark
Munich, Germany

Contact Raymond James, their parent company:
Raymond James Financial, Inc.<br style="display:none"/><br />
880 Carillon Parkway
St.<br style="display:none"/><br /> Petersburg, FL 33716
1-800-248-8863 call toll free!
and contact contact Anthea Penrose, Press relations at 727-567-2824

Use their online form to contact them and tell them to have Eagle Assets sever their ties with Huntingdon:
<a href=" link to www.msplinks.com. raymondjames. com/contact_submit. asp</a>
<a href=" link to www.msplinks.com. raymondjames. com/contact_directors. htm</a>
<a href=" link to www.msplinks.com. raymondjames. com/contact_other. htm</a>
<a href=" link to www.msplinks.com. raymondjames. com/contact_fa. htm</a>


Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) is Europe's largest contract animal testing laboratory.

They have about 70,000 animals on site, including rabbits, cats, hamsters, dogs, guinea-pigs, birds and monkeys. These animals are destined to suffer and die in cruel, useless experiments.

HLS will test anything for anybody. They carry out experiments which involve poisoning animals with household products, pesticides, drugs, herbicides, food colourings and additives, sweeteners and genetically modified organisms.

HLS have been infiltrated and exposed a number of times in recent years. Each time horrific evidence of animal abuse and staff incompetence has been uncovered, including workers punching beagle puppies in the face.