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UC Berkeley Police Risking Oak's Defenders Lives!

UC is risking the lives of Oak's defenders!
Yes, the role of law enforcement is to protect and serve. But in this case, it seems that UCPD Police Chief Victoria Harrison's directives are to "protect" the UC's interests and "serve" a life threatening response to the peaceful and non-violent protectors of the Berkley Oak Grove. On June 17th at 6:30 am, UC Berkley began the process of attempting to remove the Treesitters with dozens of UC Campus cops and hired henchmen extractors.

Apparently, the UC and Chief Victoria Harrison believe that they are above the law. Despite a court injunction against removing the Oaks and their defenders, climbers have been cutting branches and safety lines of the Oaks defenders, endangering the lives of activists. The UC's attempts at starving out the Treesitters by blocking resupply attempts for food and water have failed due to the actions of a large support base of the Berkley community on the ground. As the climbers and campus police threaten the lives of the Treesitters, supporters on the ground continue to denounce the dangerous and reckless actions of the Treesitter's assailants, by voice and bullhorns.

"Dumpster Muffin", one the oaks defenders, is perched high in a platform extended high above the tip-wip of a Coast Redwood situated in the grove. As she gyrates her hips and dances for the crowds below, her platform sways precariously back and forth. One has to wonder why the UC would risk endangering the lives of these noble and fearless defenders in order to remove them against a court injunction, and well before the recent Oaks Grove ruling has been interpreted by Alameda County Superior Court Judge Barbara Miller. "Ayr", a supporter from the ground, hollers through a bullhorn at the campus police, pleading with them not to risk the lives of the Oaks Defenders. Luckily for the Treesitters, a multitude of supporters have gathered to observe the actions of the UC police.

Unfortunately, the UC has turned a blind eye to the court system, as well as the law and common decency. All are invited to visit the grove and support the defenders of these precious Oaks. You can read more about the struggle at the Save the Oaks website, as well as to find directions to the easily accessable grove.

What? You can't make it? But you still want to help! You can help them by calling UCPD Police Chief Victoria Harrison at (510) 642-1133 or email this cold and heartless extension of UC corruption at  vlh@berkeley.edu. The UC seems to think they are above the law. Help the Oaks Defenders by showing the UC that they are accountable for their actions.