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"COINTELPRO operations manuals" now posted

Organized stalking and electronic harassment is the common name of the current-day COINTELPRO crimes. One OS/EH target has compiled "operations manuals" describing the perpetrator organization.
For people who are curious about the crime syndrome called "organized stalking and electronic harassment" (which is current-day COINTELPRO, actually), I have posted two spoofed "operations manuals" describing the crime accurately, with my best estimation of what the actual manuals would look like if we could obtain them.



For a printable version:


If you want to view these "manuals" later and don't have these links, both viewable and print forms are available on raven1.net (raven, one, caught in a net) just below the main menus.

Eleanor White
Elliot Lake, Ontario

homepage: homepage: http://www.multistalkervictims.org