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Call out for June 21st

Day of decentralized action
Acting in solidarity with the call out for a decentralized day of action on June 21st, an ad hoc group of Portland residents intends to establish a temporary autonomous zone in downtown Portland. The space created by our action intends to

-Challenge the Sit/Lie Ordinance through community power
-Create a conversation surrounding the criminalization of poverty
-Demonstrate that commodified and (para)militarized urban areas can be re-imagined through creative transformations.
-Uphold the demands of the United Poor People (UPP).  http://homelessliberation.wordpress.com/
-Recognize that listening and cooperation requires attention to systematic modes of oppression and privilege related to race, class, gender, and sexual orientation.

Some of the events and activities we hope to have happen during this time include movie showings, free food, music, workshops, games, free bike repair, celebrating the summer solstice, and anything else anyone wishes to contribute.

This is an open invitation for you to join us. We're assembling at the 6 pm Saturday Food Not Bombs serving in the North Park Blocks.