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Eric McDavid Updated

We finally heard from Eric yesterday...
Dear friends,

Yesterday we finally heard from Eric. He is settling in at Victorville, and adjusting to his new surroundings. He applied for a job assignment at the library and is waiting for the paperwork to be processed. In the meantime, he's playing softball (they put him in left field, which kept him busy), guitar, and readjusting to the feeling of stepping foot outside without shackles on. After 2 1/2 years of not feeling the earth and grass beneath his feet, he is excited to be experiencing these new sensations (apparently there are also many huge crows in the area, and Eric has been enjoying their presence as well). He is hopeful that soon he will also have access to email. The prison seemed prepared for his dietary needs, and he has been receiving vegan food since his arrival.

For some unknown reason, his commissary account has not followed him to Victorville (it's possible that this is because all prisoner's commissary accounts are processed through an office in Des Moines, which is currently experiencing massive flooding). If you would like to donate to Eric's commissary account, you can do so through Western Union. For information on how to deposit funds, visit:


You will need Eric's name and registration number (16209-097). Please read the instructions carefully, as there are a number of specific steps you need to take when calling or making payments online.

Thanks to everyone for their continued support.



homepage: homepage: http://www.supporteric.org