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Briana Waters Sentenced

Ms. Waters was sentenced today in Tacoma, WA.
Briana Waters was sentenced to six years in prison and three years probation. She did receive the terrorism enhancement. The judge recommended her to Dublin. Judge denied appeal bond and also the ability to self surrender.

Judge Burgess commented on the over 250 letters he received on Briana's behalf. Neil Fox, Ms. Waters' attorney, argued that the average of both Washington and Oregon cases was one and a half years per arson. Mr. Fox argued for five years with serving one and half suspending three and a half. The prosecution argued for ten years.

Briana Waters spoke eloquently today on her behalf. There were a dozen supporters for Briana Waters in the court room.

Justice gone to hell 19.Jun.2008 15:20

Not a good Queer

It is so unbelievable but truly believable what is happening. What their saying if you organize in a group, you will be threatened and prosecuted as a terrorists. I am so sorry for this person, I am sad about the society we live in.

Not A good Queer

Justice? 24.Jun.2008 16:33

No, just us

Portland police beat an unarmed, unresisting, mentally ill man to death in front of dozens of witnesses, for no reason whatsoever, and not one of them ever faced any charges at all, much less any time in jail. Another group of Portland police officers shot and killed an unarmed, 100 lb woman to death as she ran away, after stopping the car she was in simply because it was being driven by a black man. Not one of them ever faced charges. Still another group of Portland police officers shot and killed an unarmed, unresisting man to death as he sat, seat-belted into his car, after having pulled him over because, as they told the inquest, "the car he was driving seemed too nice for the neighborhood" [or for the black man driving it]. Not one of them faced any charges or prison time. Yet another group of Portland police officers shot and killed an unarmed man to death in a mental hospital, after entering the place with guns strapped to their hips. Not only did they not go to jail, they received medals for their act.

So we know how "justice" works here, in Cascadia. We have watched friends and comrades shipped off to prison cells for words they have spoken, or deeds they have done because there was simply no other way. We have seen people we believe in do what was right in their hearts and ours, only to be charged with outrageous "crimes." And we have seen people with bad motives commit unspeakable atrocities, who were wearing the right uniforms or carrying the right credit cards, who never went to jail. So we know. We will stand behind Brianna as we stand with all of our political prisoners. And we will resist.

This strange, Orwellian place where we find ourselves, this is but an awakening. Men who drop bombs on little babies, torture prisoners to death, and rape little children are called "heroes" on the nightly news, and young mothers who care about the earth are called "terrorists." People who destroy whole forests are called "businessmen," and people who try to save the planet are, again, called "terrorists."

Does the judge think this verdict is gonna teach any lessons? Indeed. It's going to reinforce the knowledge that "the law" is not ours. The Law is not fair, it's not just, and it's most assuredly not binding. Not to us. Not anymore. It has no moral authority. There is no legitimate reason for us ever to listen to the dictates of The Law. It's something to be gone around. It's a lie and a sham, and it's there to oppress those without power in the name of those with power. But we are stronger than you think. We do not care if you are tapping our telephones and spying on our computer screens and paying off informants to sell us off down the river: We will still win. Because each personal tragedy engineered by the system, every young mother torn from her child and sent away to prison, every innocent victim of the machine, every door kicked in in the middle of the night, each and every one will make us stronger. Our numbers grow, as you become weaker. Our freedom is won, inch by inch, as you cower behind barbed wire and brick walls and iron gates. Our resolve strengthens as you hide behind new and stricter laws, as you growl from behind thicker fortresses, as you pound your gavel across a chasm of bigger and scarier looking security forces. We will win.

Your laws, Judge, have let mindless men with saws take down the last ancient forests in the world, have let heartless, white-coated sadists beat and jab and pummel and poison and starve and cut and electrocute the life out of gentle beings for no other reason than profit, have let toxins poison the air we breathe, the water we drink, the earth from which all life grows. Your arrogant, ridiculous, sinful pride has blinded you to the consequences of the world you have built. You have had your reign. Your time has come and gone. Now, we are fighting back. We fight for the earth. Now, we will resist. And this verdict? It is a crime, and a sin, and a shame. But a lesson? The only lesson here is that The Law is not on the side of the people and beings of this earth. The Law is on the side of big business and corporate exploiters, and it has no authority over us.

WE will win. WE will go around your "laws," and we will win. We are not so afraid of prison. We are appalled by gross and blatant injustice, that is true. The way to overcome that injustice is not to give up, not to stop fighting and run off and hide, as you seem to expect. The way to overcome is to overcome. It is to resist. And that is what we will do.

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Valorie Mcmillan
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Aileen Rojas

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