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Rally and Barbeque Saturday

Rally and Barbeque Saturday June 21st, noon to 3 pm
Dawson Park, betwwen N Vancouver and N Williams in front of Legacy Emanuel Hospital

The union contract for over 400 hard-working members of SEIU Local 49 at Legacy Emanuel Hospital expires June 30th.

In 2005, Legacy's hard line at the negotiating table forced hundreds of workers out on strike, and their contract was not settled until four months after expiration disrupting workers' lives and patients' care. A year later, in 2006, Local 49 members at Good Samaritan Hospital in NW Portland, working similar jobs for the same employer, settled their contract without a strike. The Good Sam contract provided higher raises than the Emanuel contract.

Why does Legacy value workers at Good Sam more than those at Emanuel? Why does Legacy insist on keeping these workers separate and unequal?
Come out and support these great workers! Hang out, carry a picket sign, share ideas.