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Please write a character testimonial for Tre Arrow

Request for character reference letters...
A blessed greeting to you all! Thank you for your continued love and
support. It truly makes a difference in my life and gives me strength to
persevere. What is extremely important and needed at this time are letters
reflecting my nature and character which we will submit to the judge. Here
are some guidelines and suggestions of things to include:

* Address the letter to the Honorable James A. Redden
* Include who you are, your relation to me, how long you've know me, and
your occupation and/or standing in the community. Please don't discuss
any details regarding this case.
* Include things we've done or shared together and qualities in me
you've witnessed.
* Please type or write your letter on stationary or letterhead if
* Please use tree-free or 100% post consumer, processed chlorine-free
paper if possible.
* Be sure to sign your letter and send to my lawyer Paul, not the judge,
so he can submit them all as one document.

Send your letter to:

Paul Loney
3430 S.E. Belmont
Suite 101
Portland, Oregon 97214

Have your letters to Paul by July 15, 2008, please and thank you.

I wish you all a glorious summer solstice.


homepage: homepage: http://www.trearrow.org