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Lone Vet Report

It must be done soon!
Seven months is a long, long time to wait!
Seven months is a long, long time to wait!
We will gather again this Thursday to bear witness to the lack of response from our elected official Rep. Earl Blumenauer

High Noon
729 SE Oregon St.
Portland, Oregon


We go because we demand Justice. There is no peace without Justice, only capitulation. We go each Thursday because it is our responsibility to tell our representative we will not stand by and watch this occupation go on and on. We go because we are veterans, teachers, lawyers, grandparents, mothers, fathers, daughters and citizens of this country. We go because we are not watchers, we are activists in many other areas and this is just one of the events that we go to on Thursday. We go because we weep for our lost rights under the constitution and are "Pissed Off." We will stay until the war criminals are out of the White House or Blumenauer calls for Impeachment, Indictment and Incarceration of the Bush gang.

Joe Walsh-Lone Vet