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Summer Solstice - Energy Circle for Tre

We will be gathering at the top of Mt. Tabor to celebrate the Summer Solstice and to send positive energy to Tre and Mother Earth. Heal yourself, heal the earth, and heal Tre.
WHAT: Summer Solstice-Energy Circle for Tre

WHEN: June 20th, Friday @ 5:30PM

WHERE: Top of Mt.Tabor

WHY: This has been a really long road for Tre and he could really use our love, light, and healing energy. Tre is aware this is happening and he will be receiving the energy at 5:45pm. If you cannot make it to Mt. Tabor, please still send him positive energy at 5:45pm wherever you are.

Summer officially begins wuth the Summer Solstice on Friday, June 20 at 4:59pm. Sol + stice derives from a combination of Latin words meaning "sun" + "to stand still." As the days lengthen, the sun rises higher and higher until it seems to stand still in the sky.

As a major celestial event, the Summer Solstice results in the longest day and the shortest night of the year. The Northern Hemisphere celebrates in June, but the people on the Southern half of the earth have their longest summer day in December.

The Summer Solstice represent a new beginning. It is time for purification, and renewal of the self. A time to release the sadness, fears, and pains from your life. It is time to celebrate the joy, warmth, and laughter of summer. A time for purification and renewed energy. A time to celebrate the fullness of life and the power of the sun. A time to heal mother earth, heal yourself, and heal Tre.


~Blessed Be~

homepage: homepage: http://www.trearrow.org

no scientific or government body has ever declared summer starts on the solstice 25.Jun.2008 19:38

this is from "the straight dope"

There is a widespread misconception in this country--which extends, I might note, to the makers of most calendars, dictionaries, and encyclopedias--that summer "officially" starts on the day of the summer solstice, June 21 or 22, which is the longest day of the year. Americans also believe (1) that there is some valid scientific reason for doing it that way, and (2) that everybody in the Northern Hemisphere does it that way, and always has.

None of these things is true. So far as I have been able to discover, no scientific or governmental body has ever formally declared that summer starts on the solstice.

Certainly there is no good scientific reason for doing so. In the Northern Hemisphere the period of maximum daylight falls roughly between May 7 and August 7--in other words, the six weeks before and after the solstice. The period of maximum temperature, on the other hand, is June 4 through September 3. (The period of max temperature in the mid-latitudes always lags about 25 to 30 days behind the period of max daylight, due to the fact that the earth heats up and cools off relatively slowly.)

"It isn't really clear how the astronomical definition [i.e., summer starts on the solstice] got started," says Kevin Trenberth, a climate researcher at the University of Illinois in Urbana. "Although the sun-earth geometry is clearly the origin of the seasons on earth, it has nothing directly to do with temperature or weather."

He notes that meteorologists define summer simply as June, July, and August. "For practical purposes, the meteorological definition is the best one, being very closely to the [weather] statistics," he says.

In fact, it appears that June 1 was accepted as the beginning of summer in the United States until relatively recently. According to many older reference books, ranging from The American Cyclopedia (1883) to Webster's Third New International Dictionary (1966), summer in the U.S. comprises the months of June, July, and August.

meteorologists define summer simply as June, July, and August
meteorologists define summer simply as June, July, and August