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Working class mistreatment

My experience, and knowledge of the working class of this country being screwed around by the upper class, and my suggestion of dissent and distrust of the wealthy, despite their liberal facades or attitudes.
One of these days, I'm going to sit down and write a letter to all of my good friends, fond acquaintances, family members, and all the others who have been there thus far in my life (whether they helped me, hurt me, or remained indifferent towards me). It's almost a moral necessity for me. If there wasn't anyone to tell me how I'm not living up to my standards, or to compare myself to, I'd have no will to achieve anything, no wishes or aspirations to fulfill. I'm lost on my own. It doesn't take very much time alone for me to realize that, but it doesn't take long around people to forget it either.
When I was a young kid, I heard stories about my own potential all too often. That led to my disenchantment with all things school related, and all people getting good grades. I soon found myself surrounded by people who had found shortcuts through school, or simply quit. With these folks and their families, I felt at home. I'd never felt at home in my life until then. And the more I hung around, the more curious I became; "These people aren't stupid in the least. Many of them have more ambition than I do, and most of them have something I've never had:dreams. So, why are they condemned to being considered the lower or lower middle-class citizens of this country?"
I couldn't figure it out. A lot of these people gave me the same speeches I'd received as a kid, about my potential and intelligence. Null & void in my eyes. All this praise ever did for me was to lower my self-expectations, and to question the questioneers own intelligence and potential and wonder why they don't utilize theirs. There's a different answer for every person, I'm sure. Some of them are happy with their lives of servitude to the upper-class, some have given up all hope through experiences of their hopes being crushed by people in positions of power. What they all seemed to share, that I hadn't before realized, was that they all thought that I, little Ol' Squeak, along with other friends and people who understood the situations could do better than what we'd been doing.
The realization on their part that all of us young people with "potential" could do more with our lives is evidence that they themselves understand at least as well, and usually better than we do. Perhaps it's age, or trials & tribulations, or just plain low self-esteem, but these people who try to give hope to us kids could easily have done what I'm now setting out to do. It gives me a great sense of humility and pride to be doing what these people seem to know I can. If I could only bring others to join me, to bring the lower and lower-middle class youth to heights thought impossible by those of low-income families. If only I could initiate a rising tide of dissent upon the oppressive upper class and bring all the dish washers and waiters, day laborers, and construction workers, farm hands, and deck hands, and all the unemployed into colleges throughout the country and having done, collapse the upper class at its' foundation, which is us poor folk. Their survival and their ability to live in luxury is only possible because we allow it, and work for it. Any of us who have ever made less than $35/hr have perpetuated the Status Quo positions of rich and poor.
When I fixed boats and installed new accessories in them, I was working for a man of relative wealth, and working on boats owned by people from stages ranging from relative wealth to outstanding wealth. I was working, not in reality to better myself, even though I thought I was. No, I was working to keep myself, my co-workers, and my comrades of low-income in the state of financial struggle that we've all lived in for all of our lives. The fact that every now and then somebody makes it to the rich class and that some people from the rich class are lowered to poverty is insignificant, because the Status Quo remains.
So, friends, I ask of you not to stand for it. Not to accept it. We've been here for too long. As we all know, one of the definitions for insanity is to repeat an action and anticipate a different result. If we take a new action, we can cause a different, better result.

nice work 18.Jun.2008 09:41

unicorn visitor

hey, i like this but i don't totally understand it. i mean, what are the steps to not upholding the status quo class structures? quit my job? be my own boss? go to school? i don't know what to do. thanks.