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Downtown Olympia Bank of Anerica Window Smashed

Let the games begin!
Under the blue moonlight, during the first hours of June 17th, a lone rock crashed into one of the large windows of the downtown Bank of America. A large cobweb of cracks is there for all to see.

This small act was done for all those facing police harassment, intimidation and jail time from the events of May Day. May this be the rock you never threw.

This small act was also done to show everyone in Olympia that there are no excuses. With the police criss-crossing the streets of Downtown all night, someone was still able to smash a window. This small act was committed by a lone female, armed with nothing more than her determination and a rock from the Puget Sound.

There are multiple targets in Olympia. There are multiple ways to attack those targets. Let this small act remind you that it is always possible to resist. Let this small act remind you of your ability to smile. Let this small act inspire you to commit far greater acts. Let the games begin, Olympia!

-The Ungovernable