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Leftbank Project Unveiled

Community driven commercial property to open soon in Rose Quarter
Leftbank goes live
Web site launched, TBA's THE WORKS,
and Bike Oregon's Oregon Manifest to be held at Leftbank

Portland's newest community driven commercial space, Leftbank, has just unveiled their website www.leftbankproject.com . While the building's opening party is several months off in October, tenants and events are setting up to move into the space.

Defining Leftbank as a hub for artists and innovators, PICA will host it's late night and numerous visual arts events at the building with THE WORKS venue from September 5th-14th. www.pica.org Additionally, Oregon Manifest is slated to host a major hand built bike convention at Leftbank www.oregonmanifest.com . From October 10th-12 bike enthusiasts from around the country will join the unique convergence of personalities and craftsmen who compose Portland's bike culture.
Leftbank is the pairing of a building and a vision: the commercial development of a Portland landmark with a community of mission-driven tenants.
Leftbank is located at the eastern head of the Broadway Bridge and a stone's throw from the Pearl District, it is the gateway to North Portland from downtown. Across the street from the Rose Center, it is easily accessible by bus and MAX, and part of a major bicycle corridor.
Built as a creamery and restaurant the original building has been known for the drafting of the Portland City Club charter, plastics manufacturing and most notably as the jazz club, "The Dude Ranch" featuring the remarkable talents of Thelonious Monk, Coleman Hawkins, Lucky Thompson, Charlie Barnet, and the Banjoski house band.

homepage: homepage: http://www.leftbankproject.com
phone: phone: 503-470-0087