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Yesterday In Congress

Hillary's attempt
Yesterday in Congress..

Hillary Clinton submitted S. 3139, A bill to provide for greater accountability and transparency in the Federal contracting process, and for other purposes.

I Laugh Out Loud.

A quick search at the Thomas Library of Congress will show that there are already multiple attempts by Congress to limit Federal contractors and mercenaries, in the Homeland, Iraq and elsewhere. They are still just words on paper, sitting in one committee or another, no actual action. It's sad really.

Anyone, of course, can visit this link, and find this info for themselves.


Here are just a few from the 'files', for your enjoyment:

From May 24, 2007, HR 2508, To require Federal contractors to participate in the basic pilot program for employment eligibility verification.

HR 3033 July 12, 2007, To improve Federal agency awards and oversight of contracts and assistance and to strengthen accountability of the Government-wide suspension and debarment system.

**This one is VERY interesting, it gives specific information as to the amount of monies spent by the Feds through contractors, and the amount of awards in fraud settlements. Check it out! Here is some of the goodness:

" The Congress finds the following:

(1) NEED FOR DATABASE- (A) By spending over $419,000,000,000 on procurement awards for fiscal year 2006 and $440,000,000,000 on grants for fiscal year 2005 for goods and services, the Federal Government is the largest purchaser of goods and services in the world."

(A) According to the Department of Justice, the Government recovered a record $3,100,000,000 in settlements and judgments in cases involving allegations of fraud against the Government in fiscal year 2006 and has recovered $18,000,000,000 since 1996.

(B) According to the Project on Government Oversight's Federal Contractor Misconduct Database, since 1995, of the top 50 Federal contractors based on total contract dollars received, 9 have a total of 12 resolved criminal cases totaling $161,000,000 in penalties paid.

(C) According to the Project on Government Oversight's Federal Contractor Misconduct Database, since 1995, such 50 contractors have paid approximately $12,000,000,000 in fines, penalties, restitution, and settlements, and more than 350 instances of misconduct have been identified."

Then we have HR 528, from January 17, 2007, To require the Secretary of Defense, acting through the Defense Contract Audit Agency, to review all defense contracts relating to reconstruction or troop support in Iraq involving any contractors , subcontractors, or Federal officers or employees that have been indicted or convicted for contracting improprieties.

And there is S. 2147, October 4, 2007, To require accountability for contractors and contract personnel under Federal contracts, and for other purposes.

This one is a HOOT!

HR 3649, September 25, 2007.. To require mercenary training to be conducted only on Federal Government property. Ha. Ha. Ha. I must post the text here.


(a) Requirement- Mercenary training may be conducted only on property owned by the Federal Government.

(b) Mercenary Training Defined- The term `mercenary training' means military-style training of individuals who are not members of the Armed Forces to provide security services to the Federal Government and to contractors of the Federal Government."


Our 'sweetie' Obama gave us this one..

S. 674, February, 2007. Transparency and Accountability in Military and Security Contracting Act of 2007. This one is a doozy, and an interesting read. Much too large to post..

And..there are two attempts to Stop Outsourcing completely, S. 2398 from November 16, 2007, To phase out the use of private military contractors ., and HR 4102, November 7, 2007, To phase out the use of private military contractors.

So, 'Thanks' Hillary, for trying to fool the public into believing you are trying to do something about Federally hired private contractors, but frankly, there are so many resolutions and bills already that are NOT BEING ACTED on, are we really supposed to take this pathetic attempt seriously. How about passing just ONE of the bills already in existence.

It really is, just a fantasy congress...we might as well just play the game. At least, we'll get some sort of satisfaction from our government.


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