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Global Land Surface Temperature for Spring Tied as Third Warmest

Highlights from NOAA's latest report of 6/13/08:
La Niņa, the cold phase of the El Niņo-Southern Oscillation (ENSO), continues to weaken but it has kept the world from breaking records for warming.

The cooling from La Niņa couldn't keep the global ocean surface temperature for May out of the top 10 warmest on record.

"For the Northern Hemisphere, spring 2008 was the third least extensive spring snow cover", and "the snow cover over Eurasia was the lowest on record for any spring in the 42-year historical satellite record."

"The combined global land and ocean surface temperature for spring 2008 ranked seventh warmest based on the 1880-2008 record."

An early season "Tropical Cyclone (hurricane) Nargis brought heavy rain, strong winds, and high storm surge waters to Burma in early May, destroying thousands of homes and killing nearly 78,000 people. Nargis was the most devastating cyclone to strike Asia since 1991 and resulted in the worst natural disaster on record for Burma."

Click the link below for the complete report:

NOAA: Global Temperature Seventh Warmest for Spring, Eighth Warmest for May