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Cascadia Commons Seeks Board of Directors

To advise, govern, oversee policy and direction, and assist with the leadership and general promotion of Cascadia Commons to support the organization's mission and needs.
Member of the Board of Directors

Job Description and Expectations
Specialized Positions


To advise, govern, oversee policy and direction, and assist with the leadership and general promotion of Cascadia Commons to support the organization's mission and needs. Cascadia Commons is currently headquartered in Portland, Oregon, but directors do not have to be in-state residents, and the organization is looking for representatives from all over the Cascadian Bioregion.

Organizational Goals:
Assist in the establishment and operation of a new online news media source called "The Cascadian."
Assist in the promotion of the Doug Flag and the Doug Honours Ceremony.
Subsidize and provide micro-loans to local citizens for the purchase of sustainable technologies such as solar power, sun lighting, and electric or fuel efficient vehicles.
Participate in and subsidize municipal programs for sustainability.
Network with community service and non-profit organizations dedicated to environmental sustainability, as well as with organizations dedicated to improving the life conditions (i.e. sustainability) of minority populations and Pacific Northwest First-nation tribes, both Federally recognized and unrecognized thereby establishing an umbrella organization for environmental and socioeconomic sustainability.
Establish a capacity building organization for business cooperatives, co-housing groups, tribes, families, neighborhood associations, and other types of community groups, especially the start-ups.
Support and manage the participation in the Community Way, a fund raising system that connects local businesses, community service organizations, and individuals in a mutually beneficial three-way partnership.
Assist and manage efforts for the study and preservation of Cascadian history and culture.
Assist and support an effort for a Cascadian Land Trust, thereby support the reclaiming of the Cascadian Commons.

*Major responsibilities:

Organizational leadership and advisement.
Organization of the board of directors, officers, and committees.
Formulation and oversight of policies and procedures.
Financial management, including adoption and oversight of the annual budget.
Oversight of program planning and evaluation.
Personnel evaluation and staff development.
Review of organizational and programmatic reports.
Promotion of the organization.
Fundraising and outreach.
*Members of the board share these responsibilities while acting in the interest of Cascadia Commons, unless they were elected to a specialized position (see below). Each member is expected to make recommendations based on his or her experience and vantage point in the community.

Job Specifics:

Human Resources:
Participating in Cascadia Commons board development activities including board member recruitment, orientation, training, recognition and evaluation.

Setting the Executive Director's salary and supporting the Executive Director by conducting regular performance reviews and providing ongoing assistance as requested.

Setting salaries and benefits policies as part of the annual budget and assuring that personnel policies are up-to-date.

Facilitating the processes of Executive Director transition and selection as the need arises.

Planning for Cascadia Commons future in cooperation with staff, including charting the organization's course through strategic planning and annually reviewing and updating the organization's mission and goals.

Evaluating programs and services on a regular basis, ensuring that they further Cascadia Commons strategic priorities and address community/constituent needs.

Ensuring that Cascadia Commons has appropriate financial management policies in place and that the policies are followed.

Monitoring Cascadia Commons financial status, including regular review of financial statements and an independent annual audit.

Approving an annual budget, assuring that the budget is sound and furthers Cascadia Commons strategic priorities.

Resource Development:
In partnership with staff, determining fund development strategies.

Ensuring adequate resources to achieve the organization's purposes, including taking an active role in fund development activities and making an annual financial contribution.

Community Relations:
Promoting Cascadia Commons in the community, including serving as an emissary to other groups, including nonprofit organizations, funders, local governments, and the business community.

Length of term:

Five years, which may be renewed up to a maximum of three consecutive terms, pending approval of the board, executive council, and chapter representatives.

Meetings and time commitment:

The board of directors meets four times per year on the Winter and Summer Solstices and the Spring and Fall Equinoxes. Location will be determined at the prior meeting. Meetings will begin at 7:00 p.m. unless otherwise specified, and meetings typically last 120 minutes. Attendance via conference call is allowed.
Committees of the board will meet separately an average of four times per year, pending their respective work agenda, and will meet with the board of directors during their scheduled meetings.
Board members are asked to attend no more than two special events or meetings per year, as they are determined.

Expectations of board members:

Participate on a standing committee of the board, and serve on ad-hoc committees as necessary and able.
Be alert to community concerns that can be addressed by Cascadia Commons mission, objectives, and programs.
Help communicate and promote Cascadia Commons mission and programs to the community.
Become familiar with Cascadia Commons finances, budget, financial and resource needs.
Understand the policies and procedures of Cascadia Commons.
Financially support Cascadia Commons in a manner commensurate with one's ability.

Background and Experience:

Cascadia Commons is looking for persons with background or experience in the following:

Provincial or state government either as an elected official or bureau representatives.
Former municipal officials, i.e. councilors, commissioners, mayors or bureau representatives.
Urban Planners, Teachers/Professors, Business leaders, Green Business leaders, Journalists, Neighborhood Association leaders, former Watershed Councilors, Lawyers.
Environmental advocates, Advocates for Ethnic, Minority, and First-nation causes, Artists, participants of Mercy Corp programs.
Barter trade experts.
Former Co-housing or Cooperative Business Board Members.

Specialized Positions:

TITLE: Secretary of Board of Directors

PURPOSE: To ensure that actions of the board of directors are documented.

Before meetings, provide written agendas of the sessions of the full board and the meetings of the standing committees.
Before meetings, distribute to board members appropriate background information on subjects to be discussed.
Prepare and provide written minutes to board members in the specified time.
File approved minutes and maintain the official list of board members according to procedure.

Board Secretary Job Description

The secretary shall:

Certify and keep at the principal office of the corporation the original, or a copy of the bylaws as amended or otherwise altered to date.
Keep at the principal office of the corporation or at such a place as the board may determine a book of minutes of all meetings of the directors and meetings of committees. Minutes shall record time and place of meeting, whether regular or special, how called, how notice was therefore was given, the names of those present or represented at the meeting and the proceedings thereof.
Ensure that all notices are duly given according to the provisions of the bylaws or a required bylaw.
Be custodian of the records and of the seal of the corporation (The Doug Flag) and affix the seal, as authorized by law or the provisions of these bylaws, to duly executed documents of the corporation.
Perform all duties incident to the office of the secretary and such other duties as may be required by law, by the Articles of Incorporation, or by bylaws, or which may be assigned to him or her from time to time by the board of directors.


If interested, please send an email to Collin S. Ferguson at  savepac17@yahoo.com, or call 503-701-8750.

homepage: homepage: http://www.cascadiacommons.org
phone: phone: 503-701-8750
address: address: 708 NE 127th Ave., Portland, OR 97230