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DIstrict Attorneys Office Shows Its Hatetred or Trans People

On Monday at 9pm at court room 508, Lee Iacuzzi, Not a Good Queer will be on trial for violation of stalking order. Please come to protest in a nonviolent action outside and inside the Mult. District Court House.
Click on link to see video.  http://notagoodqueer.blogspot.com/2008/06/reachs-hate-of-trans.html Otherwise got to Google and type in Not a Good Queer. Lee Iacuzzi won two cases with the state of Oregon for gender discrimination. Reach's management committed perjury with another tenant to get a stalking order on Not a Good Queer. Not a Good Queer was arrested in his/her own lobby where he/she resides for violation of stalking order where he/she already spent 29 days in jail.

Not a Good Queer on Google

homepage: homepage: http://notagoodqueer.blogspot.com

is there a report from court 17.Jun.2008 11:12

Joe Anybody iam@joe-anybody.com

Hello Lee

What happened in court on Monday?

Can you give us an update when you get time?

FYI here is my video interview with Lee from May 1 2008 **