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UK: Coal train stopped and entered by acitivists

A coal train heading for Drax has apparently been stopped and occupied.
coal train stopped by activists
coal train stopped by activists
The action is preventing the trains 1000 tonne load of coal from reaching its destination, the furnaces of the massively CO2 producing Drax power station and will undoubtedly cause disruption throughout the coal supply chain.

More reports to follow.

bbc report


Excellent! 13.Jun.2008 07:05

Den Mark, Vancouver

Brave intelligent action. Obviously, venal politicians are our enemy, & we must do stuff like this. We need millions of such actions, large & small, seen & (temporarily) unseen.

dressed as a canary 13.Jun.2008 17:39



This is quite an interesting action. It seems quite daring by US standards--there is a description of UK cops standing and watching, and I can't imagine that here. Nevertheless I am cheered to see actions against Kink C.O.N.G. (Coal, Oil, Nuclear, Gas) as our methane-breathing doom approaches.

Wanna do stuff like this here?? 14.Jun.2008 00:37

rising tide cascadia--at--risingtidenorthamerica--dot--org

cascadia rising tide ( http://www.risingtidenorthamerica.org/wordpress/category/rising-tide-cascadia/)
and the west coast convergence for climate action ( http://climateconvergence.org/west/)

are closely allied with the group who did this action -- we'd love your involvement and support to make more stuff like this happen here!