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Cascadian Youth Movement: Voting age 16, Closing Gulag schools

Two very interesting little currents in the youth rights movement that might be of interest to young oregonians; electoral political candidates in favor of a vote for all those who pay taxes and a bill in the house to put restrictions on Gulag schools. It is very unlikely that either support of a right to vote at 16 or even the relatively toothless HR 5876 will make any real difference, but the mere existence of these things may be a barometer of some form. Is it time yet for young people in Portland and Cascadia to organize themselves, take direct actions and risk arrest for THEIR OWN rights, in addition (or instead of) providing the backbone to the ecological, economic, and human (read: adult) rights movements of our time?
First, Links to resources for people wanting to get involved in youth rights movement (NYRA|ASFAR|Teen Liberty

From the committee on education and labor (interesting combination by the way) website about the HR 5876 - Stop Child Abuse in Residential Programs for Teens Act of 2008

It is estimated that tens of thousands of U.S. teenagers attend (my emphasis) private residential programs - including therapeutic boarding schools, wilderness camps, boot camps, and behavior modification facilities - that are intended to help them with behavioral, emotional, or mental health problems. Depending on the state where they are located, some of these programs are regulated; some are not. As a result of this loose patchwork of regulations, reports of child abuse at the programs have frequently gone unchecked. The Government Accountability Office found thousands of allegations of child abuse and neglect at private residential programs for teens between 1994 and 2007. Tragically, in a number of cases, this abuse and neglect led to the death of a child.

Very interesting choice of the word 'attend', 'residential', and 'child abuse' here. Most young people sent to these Gulag schools, of which Oregon has had a some share ( Story 1 | Story 2 ), are taken away in the night (disappeared), or otherwise taken away against their will. In some cases, young people are sent abroad to countries, like Jamaica or Costa Rica, where the legal rights of young americans does not lend itself to ANY form of equity. It is a bewildering fact young people are still legally the property of their parents. This is the only class of people left on the planet who are still chattel, that is, slaves before the law. You might say that Africans 'attended' 'Residential Programs' on plantations in the US where some were 'abused'. That is, "Black people were forced onto boats from Africa and taken into slavery on plantations in the US where some were murdered."

---------------- In other news : Ralph Nader is supporting, among possibly others, the right to vote for 16 year old people now . Isn't that nice? I suppose as far as electoral politics goes, it is not bad. In the article in the link above he uses quotes from a young person making points about taxation without representation. He also makes an argument based on the involvement of young people in the civic process (duty/responsibilities) designed to sell the thing to old people. Notice that similar arguments were made about women during that suffrage movement: ie. that women bring the voice of morality and values, etc., etc. (puke). Again, this isn't much, but it may be better than noting.

It seems that Ralph Nader is running as an independent candidate again for President. To the degree that it makes any difference at all (about 0), it looks like I might to have ejaculate my vote onto him again this year. Last time he said that the reason Nader supporters of the 2000 election abandoned him for Kerry in 2004 was because they were "spineless." That little turn of phrase got him the results of my political masturbation last time.