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Important Update on Daniel McGowan


It's 10 pm on the east coast and a few hours ago we finally heard from Daniel. He called from the Columbia County Jail in Portage, Wisconsin.
Daniel was awakened at 4 am and on a plane en route from Oklahoma City to
Chicago by 6 am. Daniel and his supporters presumed he was going to
Marion, Illinois, but once he landed in Chicago, he was put in a van and
driven to Madison, Wisconsin. From there he was driven to Portage. Along
the way, Daniel asked if he was being transferred based on facing new
charges, and the marshal flatly told him no. Daniel then asked if he was
facing a Grand Jury subpoena. The marshal would not come right out and say
yes, but he hinted at it and at one point said, "good guess."

If Daniel is called before a grand jury, he will not testify and is
concerned about being held in civil contempt and imprisoned at the
Columbia County Jail, where the time he serves will not count against his
7-year sentence.

At this point, neither Daniel nor his attorney have received a subpoena or
any other paperwork to indicate that he will be appearing before a grand
jury, but it's what he is preparing for and what folks would be best
served to see as a possibility.

Over the past month, Daniel has been in transfer. And while the time he
has served thus far has been without incident and even though he received
a good team review before being yanked from FCI Sandstone, he tells us
that he has been put in Segregated Housing Units ("The Hole") and treated
differently for the duration of this transfer, all due to the application
of the "Terrorism Enhancement."

For now, it is important to keep Daniel connected to the communities he is
a part of. Please write to him and let him know we're out here for him*.

For now, Daniel's address is:

Daniel McGowan
Columbia County Jail
403 Jackson Street
Portage, Wisconsin 53901

Daniel wanted us to emphasize how important your support has been thus far
and how truly appreciative he is.

Family and Friends of Daniel McGowan
*For guidelines on writing to Daniel, go to
For more information, please visit
 http://supportdaniel.org or

homepage: homepage: http://supportdaniel.org

Enough 12.Jun.2008 06:20

country person

If we live in a nation where people are treated like terrorists for caring about the planet, and other people are treated like "heroes" for butchering little brown babies in their beds in other countries, then we live in a nation that is no more. We live in a nation screaming for revolution. And it will GET that revolution.

We live in a nation that I will fight against with every fiber of my being.

What has happened to the place I thought I lived in?