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Saturday June 14th: Anonymous Protests Scientology

An online collective known as "Anonymous" is protesting the Church of Scientology at SW 7th and Salmon on Saturday, June 14th at 11am. We will be meeting at Pioneer Courthouse Square at 11am. Following the ceremony, we will march to the Church.
Portland Anonymous --  http://www.pdxanon.info --  http://www.dropthebomb.info

An online collective known as "Anonymous" is protesting the Church of Scientology on Saturday, June 14th at 11am. The Church of Scientology Celebrity Center is located at 7th and Salmon, in SW Portland. We will be meeting at Pioneer Courthouse Square at 11am. During this time we will unveil our new flags: An international Anonymous flag and a new Portland Anonymous flag, designed by members of Anonymous. Following the ceremony, we will march to the Church.

This is Anonymous' fifth protest in as many months. The protest on June 14th is part of a worldwide protest event; We are in most major cities in America, Canada, Europe and Australia. Portland's turnout has been around 50 for the past 4 months and it is predicted that at least 50 will show on June 14th. The largest protests will be in New York, Los Angeles and Clearwater, Florida, where the Church has strongholds; turnout is several hundred in these cities. Worldwide, Anonymous boasts over 9000 members.

We believe the Church of Scientology is a secretive organization (a cult) that operates many tax-free businesses because of its religious status. Anonymous is not an anti-religious group, however. We are opposed to the systematic corruption and human rights violations that take place. Attending the protest will be local ex-scientologists and ex-"Sea Org" members (staffers) who are willing to be interviewed about their experiences. They are some great stories.

Anonymous is opposed to:
- The policy of disconnecting families (Disconnection Policy)
- The policy of harassment of critics (Fair Game Policy)
- The private prison at Gold Base in Hemut, California (SP Hall)
- Government Infiltration (Operation: Snow White)
- Harrassment of the media (Operation: Freakout)
- Overuse of litigious threats (see below)
- Coerced Abortions for Sea Org Staff
You may find more information by searching Google or Wikipedia for these terms.

Please join Anonymous on June 14th.

P.S.: An example of fair game:

According to the Church of Scientology "Manual of Justice":

"In the case of a bad magazine article which is signed, use the following procedure:
- 1. Tell them by letter to retract at once in the next issue.
- 2. Hire a private detective of a national-type firm to investigate the writer, not the magazine, and get any criminal or Communist background the man has.
- 3. Have your lawyers or solicitors write the magazine threatening suit. (Hardly ever permit a real suit - they're more of a nuisance to you than they're worth.)
- 4. Use the data you got from the detective at long last to write the author of the article a very tantalizing letter. Don't give him your data on him. Just tell him we know something very interesting about him and wouldn't he like to come in and talk about it. Chances are he won't arrive. But he'll sure shudder into silence.
- 5. Give any new data you have from the detective to your attorneys for their use against the magazine."
- L. Ron Hubbard, 1959 ( http://www.xenu.net/archive/go/man_just.htm)

homepage: homepage: http://www.pdxanon.info

Anonymous? 11.Jun.2008 20:35


You know there's a group that calls themselves "Anonymous" who are known for misogynist, racist, homophobic attacks on feminist blogs (and other kinds as well), who threaten the bloggers with violence and rape, violate their privacy, encourage others to commit violent acts against them, and "image-rape" their sites causing them to shut down, all for "lulz." If this is the same "Anonymous" or if you are affiliated with that group, then fuck you for acting like you care about "human rights violations" when you perpetrate them all the time because you think it's funny. If you are not associated with that group then I would consider a name change so you aren't associated with those douche-bags.

@dysnomia 14.Jun.2008 22:15

I am Anonymous

Google "anonymous scientology" before you type sensational crap. Any youtube video of an Anonymous protest has as many girls as guys. You sound like a scientology plant.

We are anonymous
We are legion.
We do forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.

I gave dysnomia the benefit of the doubt... 14.Jun.2008 22:43


..and tried to search for these supposed "misogynist anonymous". After three tries I got one obscure reference.

Then I just googled "Anonymous". FIRST result is the YouTube video "Message to Scientology":


Sounds like dysnomia needs to see it. Also sounds like dysnomia didn't even try to find out anything about us.

While being sympathetic to the problem of online harassment, there isn't any reason for us to change our name.