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Tacoma: Activist Being Held By ICE

Article below:
Jonah has been in Northwest Detention Center for about a week and a half now.

During this time, he has been buying overpriced ramen noodles and trading meat for small cups full of green beans at meals. He has sent in requests for vegan food several times and they have all been denied.

Today he's starting hunger strike. He's already feeling weak from lack of nutrition, so please help by calling GEO at 253 396 1611 and telling them to feed him good food!! You'll need his A# - 88737285 and his full name - Jose Alberto Larrama Portillo.

Also, he needs supporters from all over to write letters - On a computer or typewriter, not hand written - to the judge. In these letters you should include who you are, what your citizenship status is, your contact info, how long you have known Jonah and how much he rules.. Include things about how he feeds the hungry and teaches you new tricks and is ridiculously helpful and selfless with everyone. You need to write them to "Honorary Immigration Judge." Sounds silly, I know. "Dear Honorary Immigration Judge," And send them to him. Three copies.

And please keep sending letters of support.

Jose Alberto Larrama Portillo
1623 East J St, Suite 5
Tacoma, Wa 98421

Thanks everyone! Pass it on! Plan benefits in your area, please please please, asap asap asap. Bond is set at $15,000 but maybe can be lowered? His hearing will be within the next two weeks we think.

Jonah has friends in the Chicago area so please contact these groups for more information.


caller 12.Jun.2008 19:07


I called and they said since he was a "detainee" we had to call 253-396-1611. When I called that number it said that for detainee info to call the first (in the article). When I called them back they said that was wrong. Someone might want to call the 253-396-1611 number in the daytime.

.. 15.Jun.2008 23:09


break him out!

be heroes against this illegal, evil regime

check out 'the weathermen' for inspiration