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Utter Injustice - Police do NOTHING!

I was on my way to work this past Saterday night, when i suddenly get jumped by acouple of drunken thugs. I call 911, & when the police arrive, they ARREST ME! They TASER me for NO DAMN REASON, & i'm charged with "criminal mischief" & "resisting arrest". But when i go to court Monday, the charges were DROPPED! As far as i know, the police have done NOTHING as far as going after the two animals who assaulted me!
This past Saterday on June 7th 2008 at [about] 9:40pm i was about
to board the #15 bus at SE 34th & Belmont, on my way to work. Before i
can make it on the bus, i get jumped by these two drunken a**holes, coming out of some sports bar from across the street! I'm
trying to fight these two off, defending myself, with dozens of people
everywhere [including the bus' occupants]. They push me into a storefront
window, smashing it. I suffer a laceration on my lip & left ear. When
the two take off, heading east towards 39th., i call 911. Many people,
including the bus driver call 911. I'm on my cellphone talking to the
dispatcher, telling her what just happened to me.

I stay on the scene, waiting for the police to arrive. As soon as
they do, i approach them. But within seconds they ARREST ME! They force me
to the ground, i'm completely subdued & they TASER ME!!! I'm thrown in
the back of a patrole car for 30-odd minutes while the cops talk to
all these other people. It is nearly an hour later when i'm finally able
to give a statement MYSELF! I'm not even allowed to call my job
[Pacific Rail Services - NW Yeon] until 11:30, when i was suppose to have been
there at 11:00! I'm taken downtown & held until 4:30am. The police
impounded my bicycle, which i'm unable to retrieve until Monday June 9th.
So i have to walk all the way back home from downtown (i live on SE
34th Ave, mere steps from where the incident took place).

On Monday June 9th at 2:00pm i appear in Court (cr JC3) as ordered,
to face bogus, BS charges of "criminal mischief" & "resisting arrest".
call 911, i wait for the police to show up. But they automatically assumed
that i was the "aggressor" & immediately met me with complete
hostility! As far as i know, they've done NOTHING in regards to finding the two
animals/low-lives who attacked me! I LOST MY JOB, TOO! They fired me
because i didn't make it in to work that [Saterday] night.

What i'm asking is, what possible legal recourse or avenues can i take against
the PPB for what they did? The criminal charges against me were
completely unjust, as they were later dropped. And the police had absolutely NO

What are my rights as a crime victim? I don't know the two thugs who
jumped me; i've never seen them before, i did nothing to provoke them.
This couldn't have been more random.

I'm asking for help or advice because i lost my job over this, & the
police have done NOTHING!

phone: phone: (503) 752-3459

Innocence? 11.Jun.2008 07:59

Never call the cops

Well, I feel really bad about the abuse you suffered, both from the drunks and from the police. But I have to add that you were not arrested and tasered for doing nothing, you were arrested and tasered because you called the cops.

Seriously. NEVER call the cops. On anyone. Because this is what they do. How would you have felt, btw, if the police had responded by shooting the drunks to death? Because they do kill people, you know. It happens all the time in this city. Would those asses have deserved to die for jumping you? Probably not. You would probably have felt really bad.

Two lessons to help keep you and everyone around you safe: NEVER call the police, and NEVER talk to the corporate media.

I don't know why people have such a hard time with these lessons. I guess it's that we're brainwashed to think we can rely on those entities, and that they work for us and not ...them. But the facts speak otherwise. As you have learned, calling the cops is NEVER a wise idea. If you need help, call your friends. But never call the cops.

you have the right to be a victim 11.Jun.2008 09:26

but you can waive it

As a victim of a random drunken assault & battery, you probably don't really have any rights. You can't force the piggies to track these guys down and arrest them, and you can't force the district attorney to prosecute them if you could even find them.

As the victim of this other crime, assault & battery & torture & kidnapping by the cops, recourse for that maybe you do have. You can probably sue the city for lots of money. Based on the number of taser stories lately it looks like the PPB is taser happy, apeshit for electrocution. They might even be violating federal civil rights laws.

Civil Rights lawyer 11.Jun.2008 11:07

a friend

get legal representation.
the cops are out of control, and there is a LOT of momentum right now against them.


if you're at a loss, call the ACLU. they'll tell you what to do ;)

UPDATE: 12.Jun.2008 13:38

C.D. Brooks

I was contacted by an atorney via email yesterday, though i haven't actually spoken to he, yet.
I spoke to Mr. Handleman of PortlandCopWatch & he gave me some good advice.
I'm in the process of obtaining a copy of the police report from that night, as well as transcipt of my court proceding from Monday, forwhich i found out that the two criminal charges [inicially] lodged against me were dropped.
And i'm still unemployed.

<videos> Joe Anybody interviews taser victim 21.Jun.2008 21:18

Joe Anybody iam@joe-anybody.com

Clifton never was treated as a victim of an assault, he never was spoken to in a respectful way, he was never even given a chance tell what happened to him until he was shocked and arrested. The police as he describes ...treat him from the moment they arrive as the "bad guy"

Listen to Clifton tell his side of what happened that ....it is not to nice

This video is broken into four parts on YouTube:

..(1)  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2cDRlvOCq5M

..(2)  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GyGQ9Cqaf8o

..(3)  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sH2Ee_hZxGc

..(4)  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZnBMPk-VAws
video interview of taser victim
video interview of taser victim