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Anyone have news on Cyclist Tased tonight, 9:30ish, on SE 7th?

Biker tackled and tased by cops
My friend just called saying that she was stopped by a copcar for riding her bike without lights. She was pulled over around SE 7th and Morrison. As they were writing her a ticket another biker was biking North on 7th. They used him as an example how bikers cannot be seen without lights. So the cops told the other cyclist to stop and when he did not stop quickly enough/was confused why they were telling him to stop, they ran after him, pulled him off his bike, threw him against a nearby wall and tased him multiple times. When my friend called I could hear him screaming in the background and the cops yelling at him.

I was wanting an update, if anyone knows anything. Also, my friend is leaving town and wants to know how she can help. Is there a way that she could write a witness statement in case this ends up in court?


what a coincidence 11.Jun.2008 02:29

er, if it's the same guy ...

I'm pretty sure I heard somebody talking about this experience on the bus late this evening, at least it was somebody with a similar story, he was like talking to somebody on a cell phone or something & said the paramedics had a hell of a time carving the taser barb out of his chest. Said he was charged with assaulting an officer for touching the motherfucker's boot while he was writhing around on the ground screaming. Sounded like a really fucked up event, yet another example of how tasers are just torture toys for sadists, but the guy seemed OK later on the bus.

Rev. Phil Needs Your Help 11.Jun.2008 08:02

stu sugarman quixote516@yahoo.com

The victim of senseless police violence was Reverend Phil, well loved bicycle evangelist! Phil badly needs to know this witness's name and contact info. Please ask her to provide it to me, Stu Sugarman, Phil's lawyer from the naked bike ride case.

If there's anyone else out there who witnessed this, please also let me know so we can get your statement! It is important to act fast on this while memories are fresh! My contact info is below.

838 SW 1st Ave., Ste. 500, Portland, OR 97204

First rider pulled over 11.Jun.2008 10:29

Diana tergemina@gmail.com

I was the first bicyclist stopped for riding without my lights. I have a detailed description of what happened that I wrote up last night that I will post on my lunch break. Whoever is dealing with police complaints, please contact me so that I can get involved as a witness.

WFT is HAPPENING?! 11.Jun.2008 15:51

Brooks nekrotical@yahoo.com

Since when did the lower SE Belmont/Morrison neibourhood get designated a "high crime" area?! I'll just state [on record] that i was in NO WAY involved in the Monday night incident. But...
2 monthes ago i buy a bicycle to accomendate a new work schedule. I'm heading to work on a Sunday night when a cop stops me for not having a light. He asks me for I.D., i tell him i "left it at home". So he lets me go with a warning. Fuck of it is, i buy a goddamn light from Fred Meyer the very next day, & two weeks later some random shithead steals it!

When the assault incident happened to me Saterday night, i was charged with "resisting arrest" because i jerked my arm away. NOT for kicking or screaming. They had me on the ground within 2 seconds & tasered me. THAT charge, plus another one, was DROPPED in court the following Monday!

I would be GLAD to tesify as a wittness in any police abuse case!

Please, Witnesses, Share Your Info Only With TeamRev 11.Jun.2008 20:12

stu sugarman

Just wanted to add that everyone wants to talk to whomever they can to find out what happened last night to Rev. Phil.

PLEASE DO NOT TALK WITH ANYONE ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED! That will only help the DA prepare when they defend the police action. I'd rather they find out in trial what everyone's gonna say. That's the best way to ensure victory!

UPDATE, Please... 12.Jun.2008 13:42


... does anyone have any latest info. on what happened to the individual who was assaulted, & tasered by police for the HORRIBLE CRIME of not having a light on his bicycle?

More Info at Bikeportland.org 12.Jun.2008 14:05

check it

 link to bikeportland.org

follow that link to the full story.