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Olympia: AnarchistsPaint Bombs Golden Building And Sidewalk

nag hates santa
We are the Nihilist Assault Group, otherwise known as NAG. We are anarchists who believe in everything and nothing and thus can be classified, if you like, as nihilists. NAG is every broken window, every shadow against your wall, every creak in your stairs, every ghost under your bed. NAG is everywhere.

On the night of June 9, 2008, NAG traveled to the North Pole, kidnapped Santa Claus and several of his elvish cohorts, drained their blood and then cast that red and green blood against a seven story golden building in Downtown Olympia. NAG also spread a bucket of Santa's blood on one of the new sidewalks the city has created.

It is rumored that the targeted golden building may or may not be converted into condos in the near future. Regardless, everyone in Olympia hates this building and we wished to provide the opening salvo in the NAG "campaign to prevent gentrification". The building is located where the future condos will be placed and should provide a small glimpse as to what will take place if this insane development plan continues on its course. NAG is perfectly willing to murder Santa Claus and should thus be feared.

Weeks earlier, some daring artists who have no affiliation with NAG threw up a few pieces on the roof and sides of the golden building. These pieces were later covered up with brown paint. Cheers to the daredevils!

NAG also spread Santa's blood on a new sidewalk in Downtown Olympia. The city built these new sidewalks (rather than homeless shelters) in order to raise the property value of the area around these sidewalks. Let the blood of Santa forever degrade the property value of Olympia!

NAG is not affiliated with any group, organization or project in Olympia other than NAG. Everyone hates NAG. We are perfectly content with this and prefer it that way. It is not everyone who has the courage to ruin Christmas.

NAG will strike again!

-Nihilist Assault Group