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Sleeping security guards are criminal, Impeachment is off the table

Impeachment is not on table as Democrats have said. Impeachment is also not on TV or Newspapers. Our US congress is on the brink of criminal behavior for not investigating a President and Vice President who have broken the law and led the world deep into an illegal war.
US Violence in Iraq has killed an estimated 500,000 victims
US Violence in Iraq has killed an estimated 500,000 victims
Top story on 14 major newspapers: iPod  ( not the Kucinich Impeachment speech )
Top story on 14 major newspapers: iPod ( not the Kucinich Impeachment speech )
Dennis Kucinich spoke about impeachment in the US House of Representatives on June 9th, 2008. Most newspapers and TV stations continue the silence. Kucinich spoke about illegal wiretaps on Americans, detainment of prisoners without charges for 5 years, lies to start the Iraq war, lies to remain at war, and 31 other reasons to impeach.

434 Members of Congress refuse to dialog with the voters about impeachment, the one tool that would end the war in Iraq. Only one of the top 14 newspapers in the USA had any mention of the June 9th, 2008 impeachment speech by Rep. Dennis Kucinich. What was the top "news" story on 14 newspapers: the new iPod.

It is the sworn duty of the Congress to keep a balance of power and investigate when the President breaks the law. It is the duty of the press to question the President and report when others question the illegal actions of a President. The reporting and civil rights efforts that ended the Vietnam war are shamefully vacant from the present atrocities. Call your local papers and urge them to cover the war and those who question the war. The negligent guardians of our security now join the criminals on the most wanted list.


Speech by Rep. Dennis Kucinich
 link to www.democrats.com
( Click link to watch first 5 minutes )

Call your US House Representative:

Photojournalism that helped end the Vietnam war:

Due to embedded journalists, here are is one of the most published photos from Iraq

"one of the most embarrassing chapters in American journalism"

www.sfgate.com one of the few US newspapers to re-print the AP story on Kucinich's 35 articles of impeachment.
 link to www.sfgate.com

 http://www.moveon.org Another "liberal" PAC nearly silent on impeachment

Waxman, Moyers 10.Jun.2008 10:51


Henry Waxman is talking impeachment in public. Bill Moyers is talking impeachment on PBS every week. But to actually impeach during an election cycle? Good luck on THAT!

Kucinich action virtually ignored 10.Jun.2008 18:37


The point is that the media are not covering Kucinich's call for an impeachment investigation. Maybe the MSM could not absorb all the facts presented in the 60 page document that supports the 35 articles of impeachment? Maybe reading 60 pages is just too hard when the MSM have gotten used to being just a stenographer for the President's press secretary?
Give the MSM hell for not doing their job!

Attached are 15 newspaper front pages on June 9th. 10.Jun.2008 18:54

Joe Rowe

The SF indybay website allowed me to upload 15 PDF files of the front pages.
Click the link below.

Only one one website out of 15 had any mention of impeachment.
Our congress is silent, so is the media,

Obama can't chagne much even if he tries. It has to come from the peeps!
peace, Joe Rowe

IMPEACH PELOSI!! 10.Jun.2008 23:36


That is what it will take, for starters!!