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Tre Arrow Accepts Plea Bargain

Tre Arrow accepted a plea bargain at the Federal Courthouse this morning. Here's his message to everyone: A warm blessing to you all - i thank you for your support and for being here today. Some may look at this non - cooperation plea agreement as a victory. Some may see it as a defeat. It's really neither! It's simply another step in this journey as i walk my path of conscience. You see, it's never been about me. From before the days of the ledge-sit, right thru 'til today, this has been and will always be about the commitment to leave our Earth Mother in a healthier, more beautiful state then when i arrived.

This is about taking back our power from the government and corporate entities that would have us believe that monetary wealth and the acquisition of material objects is more important than the health of the planet, it's people and the billions of life forms with whom we share this home. This is about being a voice for the trees, our animal friends, the waters, mountains and blue skies. This is a calling to consider our children grandchildren and the generations to follow. This is living up to our divine potential. This is an opportunity to be a voice for truth, compassion and respect in the face of profound corruption and disregard for the sanctity of life that permeates the governments and corporations of the world.

tre arrow
tre arrow
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