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Atty. Gerry Spences Win, 6/4/08 the truth ? re.. Edwards pull-out of Presidential Race

Famed Trial Attorney Gerry Spence ( Formerly represented Attorney from Beaverton,Oregon Brandon Mayfield ,Against Portland FBI)
And hopefully still Fouad Kaadys Attorney in Clackamas County,Oregon
Achieved a full aquital for Attorney Jeffery Figer on June 4th,2008
Re. giving over $100,000 to John Edwards Presidential Campaign in violation of campaign rules.
CNN is reporting in a video titled "LAST WORD", Gerry Spence, of winning a full acquittal for his client, Attorney Jeffery Figer
Yesterday June 4th,2008

Figer accused of giving more than the allowed donation ,to John Edwards campaign ,was acquitted by the jury based on the courtroom presence of Gerry Spence.

He handled the Jury with common sense and faced them though out the trial and did his customary hand gestures on the jury hand railing,and kept his charm and rappor fully focused on the jury through out the trial.

So finding this on cnn today, leads me to think,AH HA !!! thats why the sudden Edwards drop out of the race with no warning to his staff many monthes ago.

Possibly in the event he was called to the trial and this would have played heavily upon on the outcome of his Campaign.

I Switched my alliance away from Edwards to Mr.Obama within minutes of Edwards pull out months ago

So now, I wonder how many candidates kept quiet about this pending trial,that ended yesterday.

Many whom had went to Edwards home to play basket ball, and solicit him for Vice President etc.

a lie by omission is a lie by omission.....
and as usual we should never trust any Political person.

And why did we not hear about this "possible donation scandle long before this?

And the cnn video clearly states that this is Gerry Spences last Trial, so does anyone one know what happened to Fouad Kaadys Murder case that Gerry Spence started in Clackamas County, Oregon ?