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Be The Portland Grassroots Media Camp Outreach/Planning Event

be the media camp!
This is your opportunity to help shape the Media Camp taking place at PCC Cascade in September!

When: Tuesday, June 17th at 7pm
Where: Liberty Hall - 311 N. Ivy St, Portland

We need your input! Come learn about the 2008 Portland Grassroots Media Camp. We'll share some
ideas we have and look for input from you about what you and your community need to gain better
access and skills in media, and how you might become more involved.

This event will include some information sharing, open discussion and brainstorming, as well as media
samples for inspiration. We'll provide yummy food. Also, bring a t-shirt to make your very own
screen-printed PGMC shirt!

For more information or to RSVP contact us at  pdxmediacamp@gmail.com
or call Trillium at 503-757-0779


The Portland Grassroots Media Camp is a weekend of hands-on skill shares, media workshops, presentations,
discussions and gatherings aimed to empower people with tools and skills to express themselves. The camp
is open to anyone, emphasizing the inclusion of those who are traditionally excluded from media representation,
creation, and production.