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Help Stop Barack Obama Now!

If you want to help Clinton become president you MUST help now! This is the ONLY chance we have!
We must have NO rallies ( NO stands for No Obama ) or it stands for ( No Obama we won't vote for you ) and NO marches. If we have as many NO rallies and NO marches as often as possible before the democratic convention we can send the message that we don't want Obama as our nominee and that we won't vote for Obama in November if he is the nominee.
Here is why you should help out now. If enough Clinton voters tell Barack Obama that we won't vote for you he may lose the electoral college. As of June 2, 2008 Clinton had 320 or more electoral votes while John McCain had only about 190 electoral votes. Barack Obama had 276 electoral votes in a match up with John McCain and I forget what McCain had but there were about 24 toss up electoral votes. So with this narrow lead Obama's total electoral votes could be off and he could lose the electoral college. It might be extremely possibe in polls in battleground states before the convention that Barack Obama would lose the electoral college. Then the superdelegates would force Obama to give up. Does anybody remember when the political fortune tellers declared John McCain's presidential campaign dead. If the electoral college in August looks like it did in June 2 just how many superdelegates will want to risk losing the electoral college to John McCain? This can be done if you would only help. Please just don't sit there and do nothing but watch television. We can help Clinton if you would only try and do your part.