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The Portland Mural Show

The public is invited Friday, June 6th from 5-9pm to view the artwork of 30 + artists- all Portland-area muralists.
The Portland Mural Show
Eastside Artwalk Show & Reception
First Friday, June 6th, 5-9 pm
Artists' Reception. FREE.
Olympic Mills Commerce Center
107 SE Washington St.
mustard gold bldg just south of SE 2nd & Stark)

This unique exhibit is an opportunity to see sketches of murals, drawings made in preparation of murals, photos of murals-in-progress and new artwork by local muralists.

Sculpture, woodblock prints, pen & ink, paintings- the wide variety of styles and approaches to murals by 30 artists is represented in this show. Also on view are artifacts from the creation of murals.

Not seen in over 15 years is the 1988 "Struggle & Hope" PCASC/Corinto,Nicaraugua Sister City Project mural. Lead artist Bill Garnett (1939-2004) directed over 50 volunteers to paint this mural, which is now on display until June 28th.

Artwork by Adriene Cruz, Bill Floyd, Bruce Orr, Robin Corbo, Jaymeer, Chris Haberman, Jennifer Mercede, Sara Stout, Jason Coatney, Mike Smith, Kenny Spurlock, Larry Kangas, Tom Cramer, Joe Cotter, Anglina Mariono, Ping Khaw, Tom Villa. Mark Larsen, Joshua Wallace, Asa Kennedy, Nick Olmsted, Jesse Reno, Emily Lux, Sheri Love, Kolieha Bush, Kate Sullivan, Joanne Oleksiak, Mark Meltzer Baba Wague Diakite, John Early, Judee Moonbeam, Martin Gonzlaez, Donna Guardino and others can be seen in this show.

A Closing Party will take place on June 28th noon-6pm.
Questions? Contact: the  portlandmuralshow@gmail.com

address: address: Olympic Mills Commerce Center - 107 SE Washington St.